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Readers write

I read your article about the work program at Zano’s Pizzeria (“Work program struggling through limited funding” Sierra Sun Oct. 26) and was excited to see the exposure for this much needed program in our community. But, as a parent of a child with Down syndrome, I was troubled by your journalist not using people-first language in her article. This is an excellent program for students with disabilities and I applaud Zano’s for their efforts to keep it funded. But, we need to remember that these students are people and should not be referred to as “handicapped students.” Rather they are students with disabilities and should be noted as people first and foremost, and not by their disability. (Meaning they are students, before they are handicapped.)Thanks to the Sierra Sun for covering this much-needed program, but please remember that we need to respect all people in our community, including our ones with disabilities. Thank you and let’s pull together as a community to keep this program alive. Noel Trim Truckee Drinking and driving and parkingIt is not the paying for parking that is of most concern to me. The new regulation of no parking at all between the hours of 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. is not only a great inconvenience, but also a cause of concern for the safety of residents and visitors to the area alike. Given that the majority of Truckee social outlets are located in Old Truckee, you no longer have the responsible option of pocketing your car keys and taking a taxi home. This new parking restriction will only encourage more drinking and driving on our streets to avoid parking tickets and possible towing.It is hard enough to convince people not to take their vehicles when they are impaired, and this will only make it more difficult. I can understand enforcing the parking again at 8 a.m. as this will allow the effects of the alcohol to wear off and the vehicle retrieved.I just don’t want to see any friends in jail – or dead.Thad DavisTruckee Parking pass for localsI am writing to you about the paid parking in downtown Truckee and on West River Street. The locals shouldn’t have to pay to park in a small town such as Truckee. There are some stores that I like to browse in downtown Truckee that I no longer can, because I don’t want to pay a dollar to browse for 15 minutes, or to go looking for something for five minutes, only to find out that they don’t have it.I think that the locals should have some way of purchasing a sticker that would allow them to park for free for about four hours. The way that I think this should work is:• The locals, with proof of residency, should have the opportunity to purchase a sticker for about $50. This sticker would not have to be renewed annually.• Locals would apply the sticker to their car windshield.• Locals would have free parking in Downtown Truckee and on West River Street.Thank you for considering this idea.Leanne Davis, age 11Truckee

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