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Readers write

I am writing this in response to the letter (“Yes on Proposition 75” Sierra Sun Oct. 28). I am a former fourth grade teacher and am now currently a firefighter/paramedic. I also grew up in Truckee and graduated from Truckee High in 1993. I wonder why the letter writers didn’t “opt out” of their union’s political action fund? Prop 75 is a deceptive way to limit public employee’s voices. There already is a legal means for a public employee to stop contributing to political funds. It is a simple form they need to fill out with their association and union. Having been in the public sector my entire career in both teaching and in the fire service I have seen firsthand how my union’s have protected my rights and helped fight for better working conditions. Prop 75 is a just a sneaky way to silence our voices in the political arena, which like it or not is how things are run in our society. If the governor and his cronies are so against “special interests” why don’t they put more restrictions on how much money the big corporations can spend for political purposes? Last I checked Nestle USA, Newscorp, ChevronTexaco Corp, Wal-Mart, etc were in the top 25 of the governor’s contributors. You can’t tell me they aren’t special interests. Please support your local firefighters, teachers, police officers and nurses and vote NO on 75.Jessamyn Specht Oceanside, Calif.Extend parking timesI am an employee working in a downtown restaurant at night. My shift is from 5 p.m. to generally 11 p.m. or midnight. I have been parking along the creek on Bridge Street for years. Under the new paid parking system I will be required to park in a permit-only lot. However, the new employee lots are posted with signs that parking is not permitted past 10 p.m. Also, the back streets and side streets downtown are all posted with signs saying parking is not permitted past 10 p.m. Parking is permitted until 2 a.m. along Commercial Row, therefore in order for me to park legally I will have to park on Commercial Row, which negates the reasoning behind paid parking.I realize the town needs to set a time limit on parking at night to allow for snow removal, but the hours on the back streets and side streets, and employee lots need to be extended to allow for nighttime employees, and customers using the restaurants past 10 p.m.Dave GreenTruckeeThe ‘Merc’ remainsBill Stephens was a man of large stature. A well-deserved stature in the community of Truckee, also in the stature of his heart, which he opened and shared with others. Finally, he was, of course, large in physical stature. He welcomed all with friendship. As the proprietor of the Truckee Mercantile he had to shoo his friends away so that he could assist other friends and strangers in their shopping needs. The butcher section of his shop was as much a place to meet friends, chat, and collect the latest gossip as the post office or any bar. In that magical time before Truckee became a destination resort he and Diana were a much loved part of the fabric of the town.Although Bill has now passed on he is still with us in our hearts, and in perpetuity, in Joanne Meschery’s novel “In A High Place.” He is presented as the character Breezy Stevens, owner of the Mercantile. To quote from Joanne’s novel, “Breezy chuckled. He loved it when customers called the Mercantile the Merc.” Well Bill, I hope you are still chuckling, as you and the Merc will always remain in our hearts. Ron Rettig TruckeeNo on Prop 73Proposition 73, the Parental Notification Bill, seems threatening to me, for a reason no one is talking about. Seventy-three would put a new definition of life into the California Constitution and define abortion as “the death of the unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born.” If that definition becomes law, legal “personhood” would become the instant that sperm meets egg, and scientists working for cures to devastating illnesses and injuries from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to cancer and paralysis may find themselves in legal jeopardy, as their research becomes the legal equivalent of murder. This could tie up our promising new stem cell research program in the courts for years. Our family is proud to support stem cell research, and we oppose Proposition 73. Thank you.Karen Barchas Truckee

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