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Readers write

It is nice to see the democratic process in action here in Truckee. The Town Council is now seeking public comment on their ill-advised downtown parking scheme, only to receive negative comments from locals and business owners alike. But instead of responding by retreating from this foolishness, they will probably plow forward in true big-city bureaucratic fashion and force their will upon the angry masses. Brian Davy Truckee The guy in the back rowI heard the broadcast of Mr. Bush’s Veterans Day speech as he addressed a group of veterans. The main purpose of his speech became clear with his familiar attack on the Democrats who are questioning his use (or misuse) of intelligence as justification for war in Iraq. The speech was so full of irony that it was difficult to listen to. He noted that many of those criticizing him had also voted to go to war. Of course that vote was based on the manipulated intelligence the administration was giving Congress. Then, oddly, he noted that many of them also voted for John Kerry. After all the mud thrown in the election settled, John Kerry, at the bare minimum served honorably in Vietnam. In contrast, Bush with his embarrassing service record, stood speaking to these men (many of whom fought bravely for their country in places more dangerous than Alabama) at the same time his administration tries to cut their benefits.The worst was his repeated effort to make the connection that those who are asking him to explain his actions are somehow guilty of not supporting the troops. He knows that if he can make it seem that he and the soldiers are one in the same, the people who criticize him will look unpatriotic. I hope that by now people see this man for what he is. As he struts around in his flight suit, or wraps himself in the flag and hides behind the brave young men fighting this war, the reality is, he has no business among them. That he has, in fact, done them a disservice in so many ways. His finger pointing and misdirection is calculated to avoid answering some difficult questions that don’t have good answers. If you are looking for your president among the troops, he won’t be hard to spot. He is the coward in the back row.Greg SiefertTruckeeA CIA setupToo bad Jim Porter didn’t get to read Thursday’s Wall Street Journal article by Victoria Toensing instead of just using Democratic Party talking points for his Nov. 2 column (“The circuitous story of how ‘Scooter’ pulled a Nixon”). Toensing, the wife and law partner of Joseph diGenova was intimately involved in crafting the law which covers “leaking the name of a covert CIA agent.” It’s pathetic how the Democrats now are trying to criminalize gossip in a town that runs on gossip. The “outing of Valerie Plame.” Tell me you’re kidding, please?Everything about Joe Wilson’s “mission” to Africa was suspect. Why do you suppose the CIA sent this highly partisan, very low-level diplomat on such an important assignment, which he obviously botched? Why did his conclusions differ so much from those of highly qualified British diplomats? Why wasn’t he properly sworn to confidentiality and debriefed afterward?Why was he allowed to talk freely to anyone and everyone (with various versions for different audiences) and write his book instead of following the usual rules of confidentiality?This entire episode stinks of a setup by the anti-Bush faction in the CIA. Yes, there is always an anti-administration faction in the CIA, regardless of who is president. When all the players are required to testify under oath (unlike the wholesale lying Joe Wilson has done to the media) the story will likely fall apart. Who wants to bet Libby is convicted?It would be too bad if Truckee residents only get to see Jim Porter’s version of events.Prentiss DavisTruckeeNorthstar light nightmareAs a Truckee resident I keep trying to take deep breaths as I see this town being morphed into something it wasn’t 10 years ago, even five years ago. I keep trying to look at the bright side, acknowledge that change is inevitable and that others should have access to our playground. But I wonder if considerations are being made for those of us who live here full-time. Are we thought of in the onslaught of development? I drive from Truckee to Incline for work five days a week. With the new Northstar Village there is excessive construction, countless big-rigs and delays on 267 as I try to make my way over Brockway Summit. Yet again, I take deep breaths and put on soothing music and now I hear a streetlight is planned for the Northstar Drive/267 intersection. Great for the Northstar community and Village – a nightmare for us commuters who are going to have to wait at that light each morning and evening. Waiting at the light isn’t the issue, it’s the big-rigs that go up Brockway each day and can’t get to speeds above 25 mph as 10-plus cars are jammed behind them. If we are dealing with incessant big-rig headaches now they’ll be exponentially worse when that light goes in. How will these massive trucks get going when they’re halted at Northstar? There’s little room for us to pass now and the expanded lane that’s being put in is minuscule. Are we being considered in all this or are the big dollars of the Northstar development more important? I challenge anyone to drive 267 in the 8 a.m. hour five days a week and you, too, would understand the panic evoked by this new light and feel slighted by the lack of consideration for daily drivers.Nicole Mackey Truckee

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