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Readers write

Thanksgiving is strictly family. Mom’s culinary arts; grandma’s special touch to sage dressing; Aunt Bess’ applesauce cake; Uncle Lon’s buttermilk biscuits; Aunt Rose’s raisin pecan pie with whipped cream – made from scratch; Uncle Bill’s cornbread dressing with giblet gravy.The dinner bell rang and seating began. The children’s dining is in the kitchen. And, as usual, Great-Grandmother is seated at the head of the table wearing the most becoming smile of her entire life.Ah, ah, she admonishes. Not until Great-Grandfather John returns thanks for this day and asks the Lord’s blessing upon all mankind.If the foregoing, or a reasonable facsimile, is absent from your Thanksgiving festivities, you don’t know what you are missing.The chatter between bites is whose recipe is this for the dressing and gravy? How many generations did I hear it had been handed down? Well, I absolutely must have a copy before I’ll even consider leaving this house!Such testimonials were never bought and paid for at any market – yet they stand to be treasured for generations to come. Just another branch of a family tree.May the man upstairs have His hand on your shoulder today and all the days to come. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.Rex ReidTruckeeLetter writer at it againThe writer of the letter to the editor, “A CIA setup” (Sierra Sun Nov. 16) is at it again. He has a history of slanted journalism and making unsubstantiated claims. Let me point out the writer’s errors. First he refers to an “article in the Wall Street Journal.” I found it was an opinion piece on the editorial page. There is a big difference between an op-ed piece where a person can say anything they want and a news article that must pass journalistic standards for accuracy and truth.The letter writer wrote, “Everything about Joe Wilson’s mission to Niger was suspect.” He doesn’t substantiate his claim and goes on to call “Joe Wilson highly partisan and a very low-level diplomat.” Wilson has served his country for 23 years as a career diplomat. He was a diplomat in the mid-1970s in Niger and worked there in the late ’90s as a National Security Council official. In between those assignments he was sent to Africa as an ambassador by President George H. W. Bush. The letter writer might not be aware that ambassadorships are political appointments. Bush Sr. did not see him as “highly partisan.” Does the letter writer think our country’s ambassadors are “very low level?” Then he claims Wilson botched the job. On what basis does he make this claim? Has it been shown that Niger did transfer uranium to Iraq? No. He concludes with the claim that, “Wilson has been wholesale lying to the media.” Wilson’s story has not changed. Wilson went to Niger in service to his country, spent eight days there without monetary compensation for his time, and reported his findings to the Niger ambassador. He concluded that Iraq had not tried to obtain uranium from Niger, which was also the current ambassadors opinion. Upon returning home Wilson also briefed the CIA and State Department African Affairs Bureau. He considered it a closed issue. But then the administration started saying the opposite for justifying an invasion of Iraq in the lead up to war. I will accept the letter writer’s wager as to Mr. Libby being convicted. But the bet is voided if George W. pardons him to block the full story.Don BeatyTruckee

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