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Readers write

Why is it that this Town Council cannot get a decent bike lane for its residents at Donner Lake?It is very disappointing to see that we have been an incorporated town for 12-plus years and yet we are no closer in getting a safe way to negotiate the traffic around the lake. In a recent article to the newspaper it had been mentioned that the cost was the prohibitive issue. How can you put a price on people’s safety? This bike lane should have been done years ago and yet we still have council members that will not resolve this issue. Very disappointing considering we have an active cycling mayor whom you may have thought would want to enhance his own and others safety.I, like many others, use the limited amount of existing roadway and find it frustrating and unsafe, especially considering the speed of some motorists.It makes me laugh to see that one of the town’s goals is to, “Continue to make Truckee a pedestrian and bicycle friendly town while providing solutions to the vehicular traffic impacts created by growth.”Is that why it was decided not to put a bike lane on Brockway Road at the new dogleg near Mountain Home Center, unless of course you consider a bike lane to be 12 inches or less.It will be a pity that we will have to eventually dedicate the new bike lane at Donner Lake to a past resident of the town in “Memory of,” as that is what will unfortunately have to take place before council members wake up and take action. Couldn’t council members just put the corporations on the backburner for a while and actually do something for the safety of its remaining residents? Before signing off I would like to thank the guys from the town’s Stripping Department, as they were able to give cyclists and walkers a few more inches here and there along different parts of the road at Donner Lake this past summer. Every inch counts, especially when you have to fight for it. Roger PynappelTruckeeHazardous school bus stopThe corner of Ponderosa Drive and Silver Fir in the Ponderosa Palisades is an accident waiting to happen. Traffic comes over the rise on Ponderosa Drive too fast, there are no warnings or stop signs at this intersection.The school bus picks up children at various times of the day. Consequently, parents and their children line up along the downhill side of Silver Fir as it enters Ponderosa. I personally misjudged road conditions last year, slid across and down through the intersection, through a 4-foot bank where parents and children typically congregate, went over the edge and down the bank. Even us old timers can have such experiences. Conditions vary.I have called parents I know, pointing out the hazard. I have called the school without a response to my messages. I hope this letter reaches the right people, and we’ll see some changes to lessen or eliminate this hazard.Mike DunsfordTruckeeNot easy to be greenLast week we were greatly disappointed to find the recycle bin at the Glenshire Clubhouse parking lot had disappeared. We called the Glenshire/Devonshire Association and were told the service had been discontinued and that all recyclables had to be taken to the landfill. This is inconvenient and crummy. It used to be easy to be green. Does the Town of Truckee have a recycle program? Green is all I want to be.Ted ThompsonTruckeeDrive smartNow that the weather is here, please keep in mind to control your speed when driving in hazardous conditions. Just because a vehicle has four-wheel-drive or AWD doesn’t give you a ticket to drive faster on slick roads. Please watch your speed and plan your time accordingly. Tailgating is another factor in a lot of rear-end collisions – slick or not, although it may be intimidating for the driver ahead of you to get out of your way – it is just setting up the scene for an accident. Give enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead, even more so when in hazardous conditions. Please slow down, be careful out there and lets all have a safe winter season.Cheryl Hogan Truckee

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