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Readers write

The column on Dec. 14 (“On camera, but why?” Sierra Sun), speaking to traffic woes, and unnamed agencies observing traffic in Truckee prompted me to question several other related items.The editor points out that traffic is being clandestinely observed at the intersection of Highway 89 north, and Donner Pass Road, and points out the other dangerous intersection of Highway 89 north and Alder. I would like to know if anyone is monitoring traffic at the next two intersections up the road, namely Rainbow Drive, and Alder Creek Road. With the increased traffic and speeds over the years, these two intersections have become really dangerous. With one very high-profile fatality already, numerous accidents and near misses, what is being done by local government and law enforcement about these intersections?The column goes on to speak about the dangerous tourist traffic that charges through town with huge gas-guzzling behemoths, towing other guzzling toys. Sadly, it is not just the tourists who are to blame for this situation. It is also us locals driving our 4×4 land sleds, Gucci SUV’s, mini vans, and sport compacts who contribute to dangerous conditions. When did everybody get into such a big hurry? You get some real interesting looks and gestures if you actually drive the speed limit these days, or actually stop at a stop sign. I am afraid “we have met the enemy, and he is us.”I am also wondering if the bed partners of Truckee’s development/real estate/construction cartel – better known as our local government – actually gives any thought to existing infrastructure and traffic before they rubber stamp all the new growth of our town? It seems to me that the lure of growth, “prosperity,” profit and increased tax revenue has out weighed considerations on quality of life. Although, my definition of “quality of life” is probably much different that many in our town, I was sublimely happy with Truckee before there were any stop signals at all.Curtis GustafsonProsser LakeviewBread, bird, dog and ice dilemmaI, Paul Valentine, age 82, living in Glenshire for 13 years, state I will no longer feed the ducks, geese or sea gulls at the Glenshire Pond. Usually seven days a week, weather permitting, I throw bread to them. Since I had an injury to my right arm throwing bread 20 or 30 feet, that’s about it.Well, Saturday, Dec. 5, my bell rang and two people were outside – the owners of a black dog who ran onto the ice to get some bread that I threw out some time ago. The man said I should not feed the ducks, geese or seagulls anymore because his dog fell into the ice water. I am sorry for this event, but should the dogs run free in the meadow without a leash?Now I give thanks to the young man who rescued the dog. The best in life to you, sir. So now with deep sorrow, I will not feed these winged birds any more. I have photos of these five to seven young geese. Perhaps two or three pair hatch each year in the meadow. Perhaps in time the Glenshire Pond will not have these beautiful birds to watch and admire.Paul ValentineGlenshire Don’t drill in ANWRI support Senator Feinstein in her efforts to block any version of the Defense bill that would open the Arctic to oil drilling. The Defense bill is no place to address arctic oil drilling; Senator Stevens’s attempt to hold the bill hostage must be stopped. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge won’t help us at the pump or reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It will just harm a rare and precious wildlife sanctuary.Anne ChadwickTruckeeSilencing beautiful voicesWhile visiting your lovely town this past weekend (Sunday Dec. 18) I was pleasantly entertained by the singing group of women called The Mountain Belles. They are very good. I was in Safeway at the time. I was being entertained until I observed and overheard a store employee tell them that they had to leave as they were causing a distraction. I followed them and they went into another store and were warmly greeted. I also overheard a gentleman say that he had seen and heard them inside several other stores in that shopping center and none of the other stores had asked them to leave.What does Safeway find so distracting about beautiful voices singing holiday songs? Why, in these times when we are in such need of love, peace and harmony, would Safeway want to eliminate such a beautiful thing? I shop Safeway in my hometown and have always had a good experience. I do know that from now on when I visit Truckee, which I do about every other month, I will not shop at Safeway.I know that you edit these letters and hopefully will also express my appreciation to The Mountain Belles for making my otherwise tedious grocery shopping a very pleasant experience.Kathleen Gilman Martinez, Calif.’Hugs Not Drugs’ bumper strip winsRecently Bob Paoletti and other members of the Truckee Lions Club graded and judged numerous bumper sticker artwork beautifully created and displayed on the walls of Alder Creek Middle School. Each year the school participates in National Red Ribbon Week, where Truckee students focus their attention on combating the use of illegal drugs, smoking, alcohol and dealing with negative peer pressure.We were particularly impressed by the overwhelming participation in our 12th annual sponsorship of this event. The students, obviously, invested a great deal of time, effort and thought into creating these anti-substance abuse bumper stickers. Although the competition was fierce for the top three and made judging quite difficult, all three judges finally agreed on a winner. It was the entry with the message “HUGS NOT DRUGS.” McCarthy Signs published the winning entry and donated a good supply of duplicate bumper stickers to the school.The Truckee Lions Club awards a $100 savings bond to first place, a $50 bond to second place and a $25 gift certificate for third place. The winner was Bailey Vincent, with second place going to Kyle Jorgensen and third place to Edger Lopez. In addition several homerooms had a Drug Awareness Banner contest where many students had an opportunity to participate. The winning banner was made by the students in Mrs. Leatherman’s 6th grade and Mrs.Ferlin’s 8th grade homeroom classes who were all rewarded with ice cream treats from Dairy Queen.Congratulations to all the students and teachers for a really great effort during National Red Ribbon Week 2005.Bob PaolettiLions Contest Chairman

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