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Readers write

After almost seven decades, I just read the most brave, realistic book of my life – Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” For those of you with open minds, get a real “no spin” of the way the world operates. The noble concept of our country has been hijacked by corporatocracy epitomized by the current administration. Bush is serving clandestine interests by having the world’s lowest foreign aid, rampant corruption (Halliburton, Bechtel, et. al.), plundering third world countries, saddling them with debt and our “defense” bases around the world. Read and note: Our government is not the benevolent, altruistic protector of people it would like us to believe. For one-half of what we spend in Iraq, we could eliminate curable diseases and the needless suffering of starving people; thereby alleviating the roots of despair, envy, hate, and breeding grounds for terrorists. Yes, I still love the concept of my country and the many honest, caring, and hard-working people. We are the ones who need to get the U.S. “back on track.” It’s more than just Bush. He is just the poster boy and political spinner for corporate greed. Perkins is not just any author. He was an insider whose conscience overcame him. Just as few leave the Mafia alive, Perkins is risking his life to reveal his covert experiences in this biography/spy-thriller. Read this eye-opener. Great book!Duke AckermanTruckeeA safe place The Tahoe Women’s Services Safe House is a comforting and welcoming home where women and their children come to find a refuge. In 2004, a total of 18 women and 18 children were able to use the safe house as a temporary home, which enabled them to “get back on their feet” and begin to re-build their lives. The Mt. Rose Safe House is an empowering program which offers a wide variety of services to those who want to start a life which is free of violence. Residents participate in case management two times a week, education sessions with staff one time per week, support groups on Monday and Thursday nights, and therapeutic-like art projects which are specifically geared towards victims of domestic violence. The Safe House is a place where clients can gather themselves, look at their lives, assess their needs, and plan for the future. While at the house they learn tangible things, like resources in their communities and how to access those resources. They also learn some introspective things, like their basic human rights and that they can survive this period of their lives with the help of a support system. The Safe House is a 60-day program which can shelter up to three families. We provide food and shelter, allowing the families to save money towards their own home. We offer peer counseling, case management, licensed therapy, domestic violence and sexual assault education, pattern-changing techniques, therapy-like art projects, assistance with sorting out finances, advocacy and accompaniment to different appointments, transportation, a children’s program and legal assistance. The Residential Program staff work daily with the residents to make the most of their time at the Safe House. The women are in control of their choices and their future, we simply help to facilitate and support the process of living a life free of violence. Jill BulgeronTahoe Women’s Services Safe House ManagerSinister thievesThe story of a stolen Christmas decoration from our yard.Twas 5 nights before ChristmasLit up along Donner LakeTwo Hawaiian Palm Trees swayed withTheir bright green lights.When along came a car full ofSinister thievesThinking it funny to steal those Palm trees.They grabbed at the tall one-But it wouldn’t budgeso angrily they broke it in halfWith a shove and a nudgeNow the 2 foot keilki (Hawaiian for baby)Stood there as innocent as could beThat one we’ll takeThey whispered with gleeThey carefully unplugged it and creptTo their carSpeeding away snickeringHardy har har!Back to the cave that they Called a homePlugged in the poor baby (By itself-looking very forlorn)Smiling so smugly with their faces a gloPondering oh pondering what will beBrought to them from the ho ho ho!If they haven’t learned by nowThey never willRewards are given for good deedsNot evil!So we say to the people that wereSo meanShame on all of you for yourDastardly deed!To everyone else he proclaimedAs he drove out of sightMele Kalikimaka and a very Merry Christmas The SON will always shine bright!Lynn and Paul ZarubinTruckee

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