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Readers write

Thanks to the reader who responded (“One reason for ‘direct democracy’: Politicians” Sierra Sun Dec. 28) to my Dec. 23 column on direct democracy and for taking the time to write a response. I was hoping that would happen as I believe this to be an issue that requires debate and consideration. Let me say that I believe in the right to vote and making a difference, thus your points are well taken. No offense intended. Besides, I have seen the writer in the audience many times through the years participating in government. That counts big in my book.My concern with direct democracy, which I do not view as a partisan issue but instead one of government, is the “packaging” and “selling” of issues in today’s techno-driven world. As an example, 30 years ago, newspapers used to commonly print entire texts of major speeches when given. When did that happen last, even on the net? It doesn’t, we live on limited editorialized information. Often lacking in legal, legislative analysis as with many a proposition not passed into law, but into court.Today, any organization, private or public with a bankroll and a good public relations outfit can and do, sell us anything. Just like hamburgers. Appealing to our tastes, emotions or whims – only these are constitutionally amended laws.I suspect that the answer lies somewhere in between the writer’s view and mine. That is the way it probably should be. While I agree that politicians should strive to serve in an honorable manner and rebuild the public trust, our state government will be challenged in years to come, more so than we have thus endured. It will grind to a halt on its own if not adapted for the times. Thank you again for writing. Maybe something will start right here.Ted OwensDistrict V Nevada County SupervisorFamily gets supportMy name is Michelle Nieves and my family has lived in Truckee for 17 years. Recently, on Dec. 2, 2005 my husband, Martin, was diagnosed with acute renal failure (kidney failure). He was in the hospital for 16 days when we were told that he may need a transplant, which now requires us to travel down to Auburn three days a week for dialysis treatment for Martin. All though we do not know what the future holds for Martin we do know that the generosity, love and support has been ever so great from so many people. At this time we would like to thank all of our friends at Mountain Hardware who came together to make sure our family had a Christmas. Thank you for reminding Martin and I and our three daughters that the love we give out always comes back to us. Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your sacrifices you have made during this difficult time. To Maria and Emigdio Soto, to Jeff and Debbie Fields at Curves and all of my Curves ladies. Your support means so much. There is a list of many people that we’d like to thank, but we can’t get them all in. You all know who you are. From the bottom of our hearts we thank everyone. We love you.Michelle, Martin, Sara, Sabrina and Sandra NievesTruckee

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