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Readers write

As the pastor of the Assumption Church I have witnessed the devastating flooding of the church facilities for the second time eight years. In 1997 during the first flooding I thought that it was impossible to what was happening but we dealt with the problems: A major clean-up of diesel contamination and repairing our facilities. As a church community we have done the best we could realizing that we are located in the flood plain and knowing that such events could happen as a 100-year event. But as we see it, that is not to be true.The major flooding of Dec. 31, 2005 is a gentle reminder that we as a town need to address these concerns. I call on the Town of Truckee and our local government to deal with this flooding situation of our downtown in this new year. I realize that some work of planning and securing the funding has been done but now is the time to put these plans into action. It is not sufficient to talk about what needs to be done; as time moves on we need some changes to our infrastructure to prevent major flooding.I wish to express my sincere gratitude to many of our church community and town who have offered to help in dealing with the flooding of 2005. A special thanks to our neighbors from the Methodist Church. With God’s blessings,Father Stanley PoltorakHit and runThis letter is for the blonde woman driving a gold Lexus SUV who missed a turn on Purple Sage Drive and Wyetha Street in Truckee on Dec. 27, at about 8:30 a.m. She slid into my driveway, hit my car, backed out and drove away. I heard the bang and thought it was snow sliding off my roof onto the porch. But it was her luxury SUV making contact with my Subaru Forester. Since I didn’t get outside in time to get her license plate, I only know vaguely what she looks like and what kind of car she drove. I tried to trace the tracks up the street to see if I could find her house, but couldn’t. Fortunately, the damage to my vehicle isn’t significant; it’s the idea that she did hit it and didn’t have goodwill to stop her car and give me her insurance information. Obviously, she has insurance and can probably afford more easily than I can to part with the $500 I’m going to have to fork over to get it fixed, since that’s the amount of the deductible on my collision insurance.I barely make enough to afford to live here because I work in social services. She lives, or was vacationing, in a very nice house up the street from my little house (which I don’t own). I would like to think I live in a place where people take care of each other as opposed to being concerned only for themselves. I am a long-time Truckee-Tahoe native and I love my town because people generally do go the extra mile to be warm and helpful to each other. I was saddened more than angry about this incident because it disturbed my perception of my neighbors here. So, woman with the blonde ponytail and Lexus SUV, if you read this, please call the Truckee Police Department with this case number: 05-2676 and leave your contact and insurance information. I’m not angry or vengeful; I just can’t afford to pay for something you caused and I’d like you to assume responsibility for it. It will increase your chances of receiving good energy from people instead of leaving a trail of ill will.Kimball C. PierTruckee

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