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Readers write

We the rate payers and owners of our Truckee Donner Public Utility District apparently either believe that yearly significant rate increases are warranted or we believe that our input is useless or that our elected board will look after our best interest. At the last PUD meeting, where public input was taken regarding their proposed rate increases, there were three of us from the public present and who spoke. We have suffered huge rate increases for the past three years and now they want to do it to us again. In the research I have done, I have found that we pay some of the highest water and electric rates around. There are many questions to raise regarding our PUD operations and we the owners/rate payers need to pay attention. Living in Truckee is already impossible for many middle-class folks and this just adds insult to injury. When is enough enough? In addition to this, the PUD has spent at least $2 million on their broadband project and want to spend about $24 million of our money to put it online. Do we want that?If we don’t show up in mass and be heard our utility bills will soon be bigger than our mortgage payments. So, please, wake up and attend the next meeting on Jan. 18 at 7 p.m.Rolf GodonTruckeeTourist manners lackingHas the Almighty Tourist Dollar become so important that common courtesy and good, old fashion manners are being thrown out the window? I am referring to the rudeness and general poor manners tolerated and accepted by local business owners by tourists. Line cutting at grocery stores is becoming commonplace. Since when is it OK to hold a place in line for another person?When I was growing up a clerk or manager would politely point this out to the person that this was not the correct procedure. Now it is completely tolerated. If you dare say something you are made out to be the bad guy. Most of us are too embarrassed or intimidated to say anything and that just exacerbates the problem. I think it’s time for us to stand up to these people and educate them if necessary in common courtesy. So what if they are offended. They can take their business elsewhere or not even bother to stop in Truckee. Local business owners should stick up for us . We are really the bread and butter of any business.Several years ago the Sierra Sun ran a special April Fools issue that had a bogus article about a special “locals only” checkout line at the grocery store. I thought it was an excellent idea – then and now – even though it was a joke. Frank Casella Truckee Hurry up and waitIt is a little known fact that the Donner party resorted to cannibalism because of the lines at Safeway over Christmas and New Year’s. Jack Kashtan Truckee

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