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Readers write

There is much to say about the changes that are coming to our town as of late. Mother Nature is available to teach us many lessons. A little flood here and there but so soon forgotten. The Truckee Basin is notorious for flooding, the river itself will run where it likes. Its tributaries overflow like the proverbial cup. Our Catholic parish does lie in in the floodplain. We plead with the powers-that-be, whether terrestrial or celestial, to address the culvert problem that makes a lake out front and the church an island. During my considerable stay in Truckee I have seen Trout Creek rage many times and there has always been a, “We’ll fix this problem soon,” approach. Thirty-three years later and nothing has changed. This is a church of the pioneers, and also a sacred place in the eyes of the faithful. It’s a disgrace that such a small fix causes such a large problem to this old part of historic downtown. W.L. MillholenTruckeeBad deliveryOver the last six months, it has become increasingly difficult to receive or send mail through our local Postal Service. I have had so many priority packages go missing, I’ve stopped counting. A delivery slip is almost never put in my designated box. I have to call or e-mail to find the tracking number from the sender, then stand in a long line to find out that the package has just been sitting there behind the counter. Frequently, bills are lost or not delivered. Currently, I have bills paid by auto deductions to circumvent this and to keep my good credit. Unfortunately, checks to my business are lost or not delivered and there is not a good remedy for this. I have tried setting up a mailbox for home delivery, but the week I began, the carrier tossed my tax returns into a mud puddle at the base of box. They were clearly marked “tax information” on the outside of the envelope and could have easily been stolen. I was told that they did not fit in the box, but they could have if he took a little more time. I nixed home delivery, needless to say. Yesterday, I was informed an important business delivery sent priority mail had been returned to sender after missing for two weeks. The reason? The zip code said 96161 instead of 96160. Is this New York? This type of thing is just unbelievable. The postal manager could not care less. They took the time to stamp and reroute a package with a perfectly good address. Everyone knows where that package is supposed to go. It costs far more money to the post office to return than to deliver it. If you have had these problems then, please, let the Postal Service hear from you. We need to change this type of thing. It hurts everyone financially. I know being a postal carrier is a difficult job, but in reality, if it were a private business, the postal service would be bankrupt and a lot of people would be replaced with those who could do better. Fed Ex anyone?Lisa DearingTruckee

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