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Readers write

I must agree with the “Bad delivery” (Sierra Sun letter to the editor Jan. 13) writer who complained about our mail delivery in Truckee. About a year ago we received no mail for several days. When we contacted the post office we were told our mail was being forwarded. The person would not tell us where. We asked how this could happen and the person insisted the only possible way was if we signed an order, which we had not done. I called the U.S. Postal Service’s 800 number and they began an investigation. It turned out our carrier had delivered some of our mail to the wrong address. Someone at that address wrote, “Not at this address” on the envelope and put it back in their box. The carrier interpreted this as meaning we had moved and decided to initiate the forwarding without our signature. It took us months and dozens of phone calls to straighten this out with our magazines, bank, mortgage company, etc. We were assured the postmaster would monitor the situation closely and we would have no more problems. Unfortunately, we still do not receive letters, Christmas cards, bills, and packages we know were sent. My wife’s birthday present and two college acceptance letters are floating around somewhere in Postal Neverland. We regularly – at least once a week – receive other people’s important mail in our box, which we personally deliver to them. A few days ago we received a neighbor’s unemployment check. We now pay as many bills as possible on-line and take important correspondence to the post office rather than trust our carrier.We have discussed this with people who live in other parts of Truckee and almost always receive a knowing eye roll and a similar story. While most postal employees are fine professionals who take their responsibilities seriously, the carelessness of a few are giving the rest a very poor image. Where is Cliff Claven when we need him?Marshall LewisTruckeeConsider being a seniorAt the Senior Center here in Truckee there is great concern on my part as well as some male and female seniors who use or perhaps need to use walkers, wheelchairs and canes. They have a tremendous problem getting in and out of the main entrance door. Consider yourself one day that you may be in their situation. Since we don’t get any younger, with most men and women 50 years or better having some affliction, you might be on your own and need help to enter or leave a store, doctor’s office, etc.I inquired through the assistant manger of the Senior Center about having an automatic door installed about two months ago. I was told it was under advisement with the owners of the senior complex. The federal government had surplus monies for needed projects. Whether this money is still available I don’t know. This was in 2001.Furthermore, I wish these wonderful people – Tanya, a meals manager who really listens to us in the dining room. Her office is open to us all.the chef, “Candy,” and “Kitchen Lady” Laura. They are outstanding and should get credit for all that they do for the seniors at lunch time.My personal wish is that life and living will be better for us seniors. May we have peace on Earth, good will to all people throughout the world and in our life time.P.S. Since the dog fell in the Glenshire pond, I have not feed the winged animals. My heart is saddened and heavy. There is no law you must have a leash on you dog in public. And the young man who helped get the dog out of the ice; he to me is a hero. Bless you sir.Paul ValentineTruckeeAlito in the conservative mold The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the Bush administration went too far in trying to block Oregon’s assisted suicide law. The three dissenting votes were Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and new Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. What did you expect? Bush told us all along he was going to appoint justices in the mold of Scalia and Thomas and that’s exactly what he did. The Supreme Court now has three ultraconservatives.How did we get the new chief justice? John Roberts deceived America through evasion as to his true nature at the recent confirmation hearing. Samuel Alito has used the same tactic of evasion to mask his intentions during a confirmation hearing. One could lay odds that Alito also fits the mold of Scalia and Thomas.Ron Lowe Nevada City

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