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Readers write

Who said Truckee has no more free parking? Just go downtown to the post office and try to check your mail. I thought it was just the holidays and everyone wanted to use the post office. Well, the holidays are over and you still can’t find a place to park to check your mail. Shop owners and employees in downtown Truckee use the post office parking lot for their own personal parking. I was in the post office last week and counted eight people inside and the parking lot was full. So I think we should give our Truckee Post Master Michele Stivers our support and call her to see what we can do to help. It’s time the post office takes its parking lot back.Gary WassonTruckeeWhere is the responsibility?Have you seen them? Waiting for a ride up to Donner Summit from 6:30 a.m., in the rain, snow, and bitter cold. They usually are wearing blue parkas, sometimes red (from Boreal and Soda Springs). I have, and I pick them up six days a week. They are guest workers from Jamaica, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and other Southern Hemisphere countries. The South Americans are all college students. These folks were promised lots of things by agents who arranged for their legal status to work here. Well, many of those promises haven’t been kept. Some of these people are living three to a room in an old motel, with no laundry or cooking facilities – and paying $300 each, monthly. Others are living 15 and even 17 people in a rented house. They were told that transportation to work would be provided (it isn’t). Boreal Ridge and Soda Springs are the employers of all of these people that I’m speaking of. Employees of these ski resorts went to the cities that these people lived in and interviewed them personally. They were hired to work the season here. Where is any corporate responsibility? Powdrcorp can’t wash it’s hands of this. One only needs to look at Sugar Bowl or Northstar to see what companies that care about their workers provide. If you are driving by, try to pick them up. But more importantly, ask Boreal why they are so callous, and if they are going to provide bus transportation like the responsible resorts do. If they don’t do the right thing, then I will encourage everyone I know to boycott Boreal. I know that I want nothing to do with helping the profitability of such an exploitive corporation.Brian Wright TruckeeEmployment not so royal I was a bartender at the Ice Lakes Lodge for the past 15 months, maybe the best job I’ve ever had. I certainly take exception to John Slouber’s claim in David Bunker’s article, “Royal Gorge Picks Up Ice Lakes Lodge” (Sierra Sun Jan. 18) that “most of the staff at the lodge quit after it was purchased by Royal Gorge, said Slouber, although they were offered the opportunity to stay on when the lodge re-opened.” This is misleading at best and at worst a flat out lie.All Ice Lakes Lodge employees – except the general manager who was completely snubbed – from the head chef to the housekeepers received the same identical letter of employment, a vague offer which stated nowhere what job was being offered but did laughably warn us that Royal Gorge “may terminate your employment, reassign you, or change the terms of your position at any time and for any reason, with or without cause or advance notice.” Royal Gorge required that we sign our acceptance to these terms in advance, not knowing what job we were even being offered or at what rate of pay. Was the head chef being offered a job as a ticket seller? Was I being offered the job of President of Royal Gorge? I happily admit refusing to sign this agreement, not knowing what I’d be agreeing to. Apparently Mr. Slouber interprets this refusal as quitting. My further inquiry, returned to Royal Gorge in their pre-addressed envelope asking for specifics as to what job I was being offered was never answered. I believe I can speak for a majority of the former Ice Lakes Lodge employees that we all feel we were treated poorly by the new ownership. Our thoughts are echoed by Wes Horner, who had the terms of his wedding contract changed by Royal Gorge, quoted in Mr. Bunker’s article, “the way they’ve treated us we don’t want to spend our money there,” Horner said. I’ll add: Or work there. Andy Crow Incline Village

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