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Readers write

I read with interest your article on the light at Northstar Drive and Highway 267 [“What’s usually red, rarely green and has bad timing?” Jan. 27 Sierra Sun]. As a former Northstar owner (presently at Incline Village), I can only say that it is a travesty what Caltrans and the Placer County Board of Supervisors have foisted on the residents and visitors that use that route.I voted with my wallet and left Northstar – not that I hate it, it is just that I felt that he East West folks have taken a suburban landscape and turned it into a high density urban environment. This is fine if it is OK with the Placer County residents and if the land will support that population use. I just figured that if I wanted to live in a city, that I would live in a city – not in Northstar Village.The fault is that Caltrans and the board of supervisors have foisted the traffic burden on the users of Highway 267. East West should have been forced by Caltrans and the board of supervisors to pay mitigation fees to build an overpass on 267 at the intersection and widen the highway to four lanes at that point. Anything less is and will continue to be inadequate. I say that not one more permit should be given for East West construction until an overpass plan is in place. But I am not naive – I ask – “How many people will have to be killed or injured in accidents at that intersection until an overpass is installed?”Michael AbelIncline VillageMany hats at Royal GorgeI am sorry that the staff of Ice Lakes Lodge is unhappy with their new management. What they may not realize is that at Royal Gorge everybody has an area of primary responsibility, but everybody is responsible for doing whatever needs to be done to make things work. As a part-time ski instructor, I might be working in rental during particularly busy times; the head of Human Resources might plow the parking lot; and the head of Public Relations might have to work in the retail store at times. I can see how this can be uncomfortable for somebody used to a sharply delineated job description, but in fact it not only makes the organization function better, it is also good for morale as everybody is always helping everybody else.John EatonTruckeeStory didn’t get to the heart of local artAs a member of the local art community, I for one greatly appreciate your recent article on the local art scene [“In the eye of the beholder,” Jan. 25 Sierra Sun]. Not enough attention is given to the talented artists who live and work here.However, I can’t help but feel (from the written article) like the local galleries aren’t doing enough to promote local art.It is too bad that the article didn’t mention at all that Vrooman Art Gallery carries 20 local contemporary artists and Vrooman Woodcarvings & Wildlife Gallery carries five local wildlife artists; three, by the way, are nationally acclaimed, including Mr. Vrooman’s fine art woodcarvings.And so to illustrate your point (whatever it was) you print a photograph of four little cute carved bears instead of a fine art sculpture or painting. Shame on you. We know you can do better than that. Please come back anytime and see what we really showcase! We have great local art!Judith VroomanTruckee

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