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Readers write

I totally agree with the recent letters and opinion polls suggesting that paid-parking downtown is a bad idea. However, I will not boycott the stores and restaurants as a recent writer suggested, although I agree with her arguments. I fear that we will continue to lose the old stores and restaurants due to lost business and increasing rents. If the current trend continues, we will see more stores like Earthsongs replaced with real estate offices and there will be no reason to visit town at all.I recently read that the downtown merchants are reporting a 35 percent loss of business since the implementation of the paid parking plan. If you multiply those losses by the number of merchants affected in addition to the lost sales tax revenues that would have been generated by those sales, the impact is much larger than many have considered.I agree that like other business owners, the merchants should be responsible for their snow removal, etc. and would hope that they are working with the town to come up with an alternative to the paid parking program. Ultimately, I will continue to shop and dine downtown. I hate to think what will become of our town if we continue to lose the longtime shops and restaurants we all enjoy.Tonya Beyer TruckeePaid parking relieves guilt tripI woke up this Saturday morning and decided I wanted to write an editorial – not just a letter – to the editor. I’ve been wanting to do this ever since this morning.I don’t suppose you will let me do it, though. I’m not a politician, important businessman or a ski lift operator. I do take a great picture though.I don’t understand all the fuss about downtown parking. It’s great. I’ll bet it’s saved me at least $50 by not going there. In fact, it’s rid me of a guilt trip that I should support the local merchants. I sleep much better now.How absurd that the community feels that the business downtown should have to pay for such things as snow removal. Where would they (the businesses) store all their Honda snow blowers?Someone told me that if it’s good enough for Nevada City to have parking meters downtown, it should be good enough for us. Besides, Nevada City doesn’t have to pay minimum wages to its employees because they don’t charge excessive prices for goods and services. Shame on us citizens.Another thing, why are the employees complaining? If they worked in New York City, they’d have to pay a lot more for parking. In fact, they would have to walk a lot farther to work than from the church parking lot.Think about it – they only have to work one-half hour to pay for their parking.Of course, if the townspeople vote to remove the parking meters, don’t fret. I’ll bet that the money lost on this venture will be picked up by the merchants and the enlightened council members who voted for it. We citizens won’t have to pick up the tab, hmm?Well, that’s my editorial. I hope you liked it. If I didn’t get all my facts straight, let me know; it may be an incentive to become a politician. I really do take a great picture.Julius TrachtenbergTruckeeTalk about paying to playThe Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District is in the process of planning a $30 million to $40 million-plus community center. The plan is to build a two-court gymnasium in the first phase for $11 million to $12 million. The board then plans to ask the voters to pass a bond measure for the balance.The Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District only has around $5 million in their reserves to start this project. The Board will have to procure a $7 million to $10 million loan to start this project just for the gym and infrastructure. This Board is not required to ask for voter approval to make this loan.There is no way that this gym will generate enough revenue to pay for itself. The board is relying on user fees, future increased property taxes, and other possible revenue from Placer County. The Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District is counting heavily on the voter to pass a bond measure to finish the plan. The question is, what happens if the voters fail to pass the bond measure? This board should answer that question before they commit this community to a very large debt service. Their consultant has already told them that the possibility of passing a bond measure is zip to none. I would like this board to answer that question.The problem is that nobody attends the Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District Board meetings. I was the only person in this community that took the time to go to the last board meeting. This Board needs your support. This Board needs community input. The Rec and Park Board meets on the second Thursday of the month, 6 p.m. at the community center. Please plan to attend this coming Thursday if you care about the future of this community’s recreation and park facilities.Dennis A. DickinsonTruckee

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