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Readers write

I try not to speed. I also like to drive the speed limit. What drives me crazy is when people (I’ll refer to this driver as “Mr. X”) are clueless to the speed limit and drive annoyingly below the speed limit.To “Mr.X”: I was following you on West River, where the speed limit is 25. Shortly after that the speed limit increases to 45. You were driving so under the speed limit of 25, that I actually thought you may turn right and on to the roundabout, like many a confused tourist. Yes, I took the liberty of passing you. People are always passing people on Truckee roads. If you wish to lollygag your way across West River Street, so be it, but let others at least attempt to drive 45. After I passed you, you became ballistic. Now you decide to drive 45, tailgate me all the way to the stoplight at intersection 89, where you tried to sideswipe me into the lane of oncoming traffic just so you could have eye contact with me and yell obscenities. It was at this time that I was reminded of another local who got mad at a motorist recently and it went really bad. I was praying that you did not have a gun.It is sad to think that we live in a town where locals may be the ones to fear. And, yes, I regret to say, “Mr.X” is a local.L. DohertyTruckeeThis is postal service?It’s not a good idea to complain to the Truckee postmaster about postal service. I was told to stop calling with complaints. When I complained to Washington, the postmaster stopped our mail delivery and sent back all our mail and packages (just in time for Christmas). The excuse was that our mail box is not planted in the ground. Fifty percent of all mailboxes in this town are freestanding because people want to move them back before the plows come.We used to routinely deliver other people’s mail all over the neighborhood on a weekly basis. And other people would bring our mail. This has cost us hundreds and hundreds of dollars and lots of frustration. The Truckee post office has lost our checks, bills, magazines, book orders, and it goes on and on. I was very patient at first but there is only so much incompetence a person can take.The postmaster told me on the phone that I was the only one that complained. Apparently that is not true after reading the other complaints in our newspaper. The postmaster hung up on me when I kept complaining. And we pay our hard earned tax dollars for this?I have a feeling that this poor service is intentional. Why? Because in the past it was suggested to me that I get a post office box to receive our mail. It seems like the post office has won in many cases because a lot of the fed-up residents have done just that. It’s sad because it just adds to the congestion at the downtown branch. It wastes our valuable time and gasoline. The upside is the town can make more money on paid parking.I work in Reno so I got a post office box in the little town of Verdi three years ago. The people there are top notch and the service is exemplary. I highly recommend them. It may be time to consider privatizing mail delivery in this country. May I suggest UPS. That’s the company I work for. Frank Casella TruckeeTo all the moms out thereThis is a brief letter to mothers everywhere from a new father. Thank you. Having the wonderful chance to watch my son all day as my amazing girlfriend returned to work after her maternity leave made me realize a few things. First, the love the child has for the mom is easily recognized the first time he tries to bottle feed. (I think I cried more than he did the first day.) Second, I can only imagine the strength, love, compassion and patience that all moms are blessed with. The children of this world, as well as the boyfriends, husbands and significant others, are blessed beyond measure to have these women in our lives standing with us.I realize that this letter may reaffirm what some may know, but for those that don’t think about it as much as they should, realize that when you come home from work she has been working all day with an “unruly guest,” “difficult customer,” and “technical difficulties,” and she has done this without being paid. I realize this may be the ramblings of a new father, but I cannot say enough how much I love the woman in my life; how blessed not only I am but my son is as well to have her in our lives. Let’s face it: If it wasn’t for these amazing, strong, independent, beautiful women in our lives to help us raise our children and ourselves we would have died out long ago.So for a father speaking for myself and hopefully others, thank you. I can’t say enough – thank you. I am and will always be amazed at what mothers do for us all that they never hear “thanks” or “I love you” enough. Well, just know that at least one man out here respects and honors you.Cameron McdonaldTruckee Build it and bowlAm I the only one who would like to see a bowling alley in Truckee? I would go at night all winter, since it would be safer than driving in a snow storm to Reno. If a bowling alley happened here, I would get a ball. Leigh Holgate Truckee Northstar needs to do more to ease trafficThe future of North Lake Tahoe, to me, is very troubling. There seems to be so many different committees making decisions, it leaves me extremely confused. What ever happened to the TRPA? My understanding was that they had the final word on what would and would not happen to the basin; yet, they seem to have just disappeared and forfeited their responsibilities to ‘big money’ in the basin.I find myself battling with myself over what I would like to see happen, especially in the Kings Beach area where I live. I know many of the merchants who line Highway 28 in Kings Beach, and selfishly, I both hope and would like to see them be successful. Yet, a number of proposals from the variety of committees existing, all seem to be leading us into an unbelievable traffic nightmare. In fact, on weekends in the winter, when the snow is excellent, these nightmarish traffic problems already exist.Going north or south on Highway 267 is impossible. The carloads of people going to Northstar bring traffic to a standstill. The traffic light and the traffic control people at the intersection of 267 and the turn into Northstar are a joke. Traffic coming from both directions is backed up for miles.Several weeks ago, after a beautiful snow leaving a carpet of powder in the area, I had to go to San Francisco on a Saturday. I live on Kingswood Drive, and just getting onto Highway 267 was an incredible problem. Once I finally passed the cutoff to Northstar, the traffic coming south was not only backed up to Interstate 80, but one couldn’t see the end of it going toward Sierraville, or coming from Reno and the west.Another problem was trying to go grocery shopping one afternoon. Traffic flooding back from Northstar made it virtually impossible for me, going home to Kingswood Drive, to turn west onto my street.The only suggestions I have is that TRPA begins to reassert itself immediately, and that Northstar cuts at least one or two more roads into their resort area. In fact, I believe Northstar has a moral obligation to do this since they seem to be responsible for so much of the traffic problems on many, many days.Mack RobertsonKings Beach

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