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Readers write

It is with mixed emotions that we offer this, our goodbye, to the Truckee Championship Rodeo. Prior to the 2003 rodeo we were able to replace the original chain link fencing on the east side of the arena ad livestock panels, which have proved to be safer for both the contestants and the spectators. The panels were purchased for $3,000, $1,000 of which was generously provided by the Truckee Community Foundation.That year we also painted everything on the rodeo grounds that didn’t move, except for the bleachers ad the containers. The beer and concession booths were all refurbished into good working order as well, including a new roof on the east-side beer boot. This year, the bleachers were painted (thank you Terry Cordell).We have a combined 30 years experience with the Truckee Championship Rodeo, and rarely has the event provided so much capital improvement to the McIver Arena and broke even at the same time. We had a terrific crew working with us both years, both sponsors and volunteers alike, and truly appreciate their efforts, support and accomplishment. We couldn’t have done it without you. It has been a great and wonderful experience for us all.With our leaving, a new group will be putting on the rodeo. They will be starting with a very clean slate, and we sincerely wish them the very best in their endeavors to produce the newest edition of the Truckee Championship Rodeo.Carol PauliClaudia GibbensCo-chairs, Truckee Championship Rodeo 2004What rush to broadband?I read the recent My Turn column “Why the big rush to broadband?” (Sept. 1 Sierra Sun) and have to wonder what rush? Truckee Donner Public Utility District has been in the works for quite a long time now on this fiber project and what results to we have to date? Not much from my vantage. The writer sounds the same as those that claim Bush rushed into war with Iraq; we should have waited for another ten years of inspections. TDPUD needs to get moving – enough foot dragging already. It only gets more expensive the longer you wait.Truckee will benefit greatly from TDPUD’s investment in the area’s future. A fiber or hybrid coax-fiber system will bring tremendous capabilities to the Truckee community and waiting for some Walmart WiMax initiative is a backward idea. Firstly, I don’t want a Walmart in the area, and given the amount of trees and the weather we get in the winter in Truckee an in-ground system is the only way to go. Having TDPUD finally move forward with a broadband system will pay off in many ways, not the least of which is competition. Having lived in the Bay Area for 40 years I know how cable franchises drag their feet and hold cities hostage for franchise contracts. In Walnut Creek, a second provider came in and laid a hybrid fiber system throughout Walnut Creek and Concord. Residents get competitive rates for phone, Internet, and cable TV and the incumbent cable provider is finally getting off its keister and upgrading its system – providing choice and excellent services.Truckee residents and businesses will benefit greatly from a broadband system, and frankly I can’t wait for the day when we can stream services – educational services, TV, concerts, web cams, community information, on-demand movies – and the like.Sure, we could wait around for Walmart WiMax, and we could wait around for cold fusion too. Lets move on, move forward into the future and get some competitive solutions in place here in Truckee, unless of course you want to wait for a UN resolution on Truckee broadband.Clayton DewberryTruckee/Walnut Creek Writer has lots to learn about airportsThe comments in a My Turn column, (“No restrictions are no good for airport” Sept. 3 Sierra Sun), reflect a significant lack of knowledge and information about airports, airplanes, board actions, tax revenues and the community [Truckee] in which the writer recently bought property.1. A significant portion of land near the Truckee airport has an air easement. Every purchaser should know what that means.2. Truckee is the location of a regional airport. During the Olympics, pilots could land at Salt Lake City International and ten regional airports within approximately 35 miles of Park City. The airports in Brigham City in the north to Provo to the south to Heber-McDonald in the east and many more were and are serving the travelers going to Park City. Most resort locations have major and regional airports.3. Pilots have prescribed patterns of flight and much of the area around the Truckee airport is residential. Most small and, sometimes, major airports are surrounded by residential neighborhoods.4. The airport funding is a complex network of funds, including federal government, state and local taxes. The airport serves more than the people of Truckee. It is not here for the benefit of – or to annoy – the citizens of Truckee.5. The airport board does not generate air traffic. Pilots go where they want to go in a free society. Airport traffic increases because of a desire of the traveler to go to a particular area.6. Boards of directors need to have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the entity they are planning to protect and direct. The board of directors is pledged to serve the citizens of more than the airport neighborhood. The Truckee Tahoe Airport is a regional airport and its scope of constituency serves more than the citizens of Truckee.Bonnie SeymourKings Beach T-N-T’s summer thanks Our team members would like to thank all the groups that helped us out this summer. First, we would like to thank the “Railroad Regulators 601” and Dennis Cook for donating water to our group to sell during the “Great Race.” and the Town of Truckee for letting us perform during the event. Second, thank you to the Lesser’s for letting us perform during the Fourth of July parade. We received 2nd place in the non-profit division. Third, thank you to John Paul owner of Truckee Texaco for letting us have two car washes in his parking lot this summer. Fourth, thank you to the Truckee Optimist for letting us sell their raffle tickets for three days and perform during Cannibal Cruise. Also, thanks to Al and Steve for inviting us to perform at Hot August Nights. Fifth, thanks for making our Girls Awareness and Cheer and Dance Camp a success. Speakers that donated their time were: Dennis Cook, Tahoe Women Services, Dare Program (Officer Richner), Nevada County Search and Rescue (Chuck Revers and Dr. Morgan from S.F.) and Tahoe Forest Hospital (Betsy Taylor). Also, thanks to Truckee Donner Park and Recreation Department and to Leann Curtis (Alder Creek Bail Bonds) and W&T Graphic (Wes) who sponsored our camp t-shirts.Most of all I would like to thank all the girls for all their hard work and dedication to their teammates. They have been a joy to work with and spend time with this summer. The team will have some great memories from this summer. I know as their coach, I will. Also, a big thank you to the parents for being the girls taxi drivers and supporters at all the events this summer.I am so excited for our up coming Competitive season starting Oct. 17th at Great America. GO T-N-T!Teri McKinneyTeam Coach/Director T-n-T Explosion All Stars

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