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Readers write

I have lived in Truckee for 38 years and have seen many changes, but the closing of our local theater, what next? On Sunday, Feb. 12, my friend and I, who go to the matinee regularly, were informed by Todd, the owner of Martis Village Theater, the doors would close on March 30. To the owners of the center: Shame on you! Do we really need another retail store? Yes, that’s right, another retail store. Is everything about the almighty buck and money, money, money? Did you consider the effect this decision would have on families with children? The theater kept locals here and didn’t put you on the highways, especially in the winter with the road conditions as they are.Isn’t it about keeping local business here in Truckee, spending money here and giving back to the community? Thank you Todd, for the entertainment you have given us over the years. You will be missed, as will be your family. All the best to you.Shirley Reynolds and Carol JonesTruckeeClimb down from the stratosphere The letter to the editor on Feb. 8 (“Talk about paying to play” Sierra Sun) about the meeting of the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District on Feb. 9 was a real wake-up call to us. We attended the meeting, and it was obvious that we have been remiss in not taking an interest in civic matters. We were appalled at the board’s proposal for a new recreation center. As presented, it would be the Taj Mahal of Nevada County.NTD Stichler Architecture estimates that the five phases would cost approximately $85 million at today’s costs, and the final phase would begin in 2009. When asked where the money was coming from for Phase One, the board stated that the money was there. Do we really want to commit to a project like this based on a “trust me” statement? When we left the very long meeting, a bond issue was being discussed – to just begin the first phase.According to our calculations, based on the numbers we heard at the meeting, every man, woman and child in Truckee would have to pay about $6,100 for this project. Where will money come from for the total project? Financing is uncertain to even begin the project. It is time for our board to climb down from the stratosphere and explore affordable options. Consider what indebtedness you assume if you vote yes on a bond issue.Tom and Judy SpiresTruckeePaid parking was last resortAs a docent for the Truckee Donner Historical Society, I’ve worked at our Old Jail Museum for the last five years on Jibboom Street on the summer weekends when we’re open. I think I’m a better judge of our parking situation than the writer of the My Turn column “Local government is running amok” (Sierra Sun Feb. 10). The writer states near the end of the column that, “We have plenty of parking.” When standing outside and watching the same vehicle pass you two, three or four times on the Spring Street, Jibboom Street, Bridge Street, Commercial Row loop, you know there are no parking spaces downtown. We had parking regulations before the meters – 2 hours enforced by an officer using a chalk line. Not long enough for visitors to shop and eat. When visitors got tickets, they wrote letters to the Sierra Sun complaining. The My Turn writer states that two people got parking tickets while buying a voucher at a remote location. Remote? They’re everywhere. If you can’t see them maybe you shouldn’t be driving. I know the town investigated everything and everywhere before doing this. It was the last resort. Do I like paying? No. Was it necessary? Yes.Donald E. ColcloughTruckee

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