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Readers write

We read with interest the recent “My Turn” guest column (“Airplanes are part of the modern world – get used to them” Sierra Sun Feb. 8). The gist of the writer’s concern is that he was told that the, “Town of Truckee is attempting to bring the airport into its sphere of influence.” It’s not our place to argue that a guest columnist or the editorial staff should have facts in place to support a strong opinion piece, however, in this case the writer’s misconception provides an opportunity to shed some facts on the situation. The Town of Truckee has formally set forth its desired sphere of influence boundary in the current General Plan (see volume 2, figure 2 on page 61). A look at this map shows that it clearly excludes Truckee Tahoe Airport property. The town is also actively updating its General Plan, including the proposed sphere of influence. Once again, this map specifically excludes the airport property from the town’s desired sphere of influence. These maps can be found right on the town’s Web site, the link to the current general plan map is and the link to the general plan update map is Jointly submitted,Tony Lashbrook Truckee Town Manager Dave GotschallGeneral Manager Truckee Tahoe Airport District What do we offer teens?It seems that going to the movies, one of the few options available for a Friday or Saturday night out for our teenagers, will soon no longer be an option. In the same issue of the Sierra Sun reporting the theater closing was an article on underage drinking. According to a recent survey, 49 percent of 11th graders in the Truckee/North Tahoe area say they have used alcohol within the last 30 days (27 percent have used marijuana).What do we think these kids are going to do? Probably not stay home and play monopoly! As a community, what do we have to offer to them for a night out? Not much. We can be very sure that they will go out, they will get together with their friends and they will find something to do.Going to the movies may not have been some kind of ultimate solution for our teens, but at least it was something. We certainly can’t fault the owner of the building for making decisions that make economic sense.So where does that leave us? Are our teens a priority as we grow and change and see a “new Truckee” emerging? Ask a teen you know if they think so.Lori BarraTruckee In defense of the U.S. PostI’m compelled to write about the postal service in Truckee after reading the letter of complaint (“This is postal service?”) in the Sierra Sun on Feb. 10.I’m a full-time Truckee resident in Glenshire and I’ve nothing but praise and admiration for the postal service in our area. Fortunately I haven’t had the experiences as the letter writer regarding mail delivery. The U.S Postal Service seems to be the only service that operates in inclement weather, and my mail has never been misplaced or lost. And unlike other private carriers, they know where my mailbox and house are located.Truckee residents should realize that our postal service is a small, that is attempting to serve a quickly growing community. To top that a large section of our community are part-time residents. The shortage of mail carriers would certainly cause problems for residents in certain areas. I’m not defending the Postal Service in Truckee. I just feel the letter writer’s call to privatize this public service is a callous one. If the U.S Postal Service is privatized we’ll be facing steep increases in postage. I’m happy I can still send Christmas and birthday gifts to relatives in Europe and Asia for a nominal charge. My relatives have always received packages on time. Privatization would mean we’d all have to go into town to collect mail because they’d be looking to cut costs. Mail carriers would probably be the first to go. So imagine the inconvenience, especially to the elderly or infirm, of having to pay more to receive mail at home or relying on the kindness of strangers or neighbors to receive their mail. If you’re still not convinced, look at the other privatized industries in our country. Are they running services that are any more efficient or effective at similar costs or prices?I’m sorry the letter writer’s experiences with our local postal service have been negative. Perhaps if we focused on the service, however limited, that we receive in our town, we can be more grateful for the wonderfully cheap public service that is the U.S mail. And no, I do not work for the Postal Service!Sandie SpoeringTruckee

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