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Readers write

Daron Rahlves, thank you so much for being a role model for so many children here in Truckee. And for giving my son and many other Tahoe-area kids the inspiration and motivation to continue with their hopes and dreams to become a champion just like you. All these children and their parents have been watching your every move before and during the Olympics and you are a star here in Truckee. They say the stars shine brighter in Truckee; we’ve always known that about you. We’ve never doubted you. I don’t know how many times Truckee was mentioned during the televised portions of the Olympics. But because of you, people from all around the world now know where Truckee, California is on the globe (not just on the map). How exciting is that? We watched your Olympic races with high hopes and felt your disappointment. You have represented the United States and Truckee with all the composure and professionalism only a true Olympian can deliver. We welcomed you home in 2001, and we celebrated your World Cup victories. In 2006, we will do the same no matter what.Truckee is so very proud of you! Peg FriesenTruckeeOlympic outageThe winter Olympics come around one time every four years, and thanks to Cebridge, the one channel showing the Olympics has been out. With persistent “upgrades” and poor management over the last year, this type of outage has become all too commonplace. Joe Bono TruckeeSafety – not traffic tickets – firstI have noticed a disturbing trend with the Truckee Police Department toward revenue generating activities at the expense of public safety. For example, lately officers seem preoccupied with the intersection of Royal Crest and Royal Way where it is impossible to see the oncoming traffic before creeping through the stop sign. An officer sits there dishing out tickets at $145 a pop at an intersection where a dangerous accident is virtually impossible.Meanwhile, there is not a police officer to be seen at the following locations in Truckee: 1) Dead man’s curve outside of Glenshire on a snowy or icy day. 2) Glenshire Drive, where teenage drivers are tailgating cars that are driving the 45 mph speed limit and passing them so that they can do 180s in the snow just before the bridge and then pull dangerously back out into traffic. 3) At the high school, where every day drivers (young and old) slide past all stop signs posted in that location. 4) The new roundabout, where no one seems to understand how those work.I would think that the safety of the Truckee community would be better served if the police were to focus on their job of safety rather than income-producing tickets.Vicki BoboTruckee

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