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Readers write

I am grateful to the Sierra Sun for the article Friday on Parent Child Interaction Therapy (“Coaching children (and their parents),” Feb. 24). Many in our community will benefit from learning about the program and how it may help them. If you are interested in learning more about PCIT or would like to be evaluated for the program, please call Wellspring Counseling Center at 582-4616.

As the story told, great changes have occurred in the lives of parents and children because of this highly effective therapy. It is very important to mention that those who do not qualify for county mental health services can be served by Wellspring Counseling Center because of generous grants from the Lahontan Community Foundation and The California Endowment. With their support we have been able to train our counselors and provide this service to several families in the surrounding areas. Thanks to the Christine Stanley for raising awareness of PCIT in the community.

Susan Coyote

Executive Director

Wellspring Counseling Center

Until now I’ve been enthusiastic about a new rec center. The current building is old and insufficient. While the cost of this new facility is now a hot issue, something else is in need of debate. The Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District plans to develop the center in phases as funds allow. The phases are based on the survey we took last year. However, the phases are based on the results in reverse order.

The least popular, an elevated indoor track (28 percent in favor) with an elevator and gym coming in Phase 1, and the most popular, a theater (62 percent in favor), coming last. Apparently this is so that existing funds can be used to build un-popular things and then we tax payers will vote on a bond for the stuff we actually want. Just when you thought spending a fortune on money loosing paid parking was crazy. Who came up with that idea? Do they think such mismanagement will inspire voters for a bond measure? Is the town government suffering a collective mental breakdown?

An indoor track? As if there was nowhere to run, hike, snowshoe or cross-country around Truckee. Maybe elevating it, what ever that means, made it sound like a good idea at the time. And with the town’s only theater closing, it should be a no-brainer to prioritize one for the rec center. Of course more than just movies would play there. And don’t we already have an indoor swimming pool?

Just a modest proposal, why not build a simpler, cheaper building with class/community rooms, a theater, and if we have money left over, maybe a climbing wall and racquetball courts. Or more modestly, why not use the old middle school for the new center? A few million dollars will go a lot further refurbishing this existing building. Or if common sense is too much for our local leaders, how about some new leadership?

Mark Miller


“WOW!” If you were lucky enough to watch the Truckee High School girls state playoff game against the No. 1 team from the south, Faith Lutheran, Friday night you probably have the same feeling I have ” “WOW!” These girls played their hearts out and except for some bad luck, they would have won this game.

The parents of this Truckee team are so lucky, I feel, to have the best high school coaches in the league coaching their girls. Angelo Tenorio and Geoff Stephens aren’t just coaching, they are teaching. They are teaching these young ladies lessons they will carry through the rest of their lives. So many coaches coach as an extension of their ego: Win, win, win is all they want because it makes “them” look good. Angelo teaches these girls. He teaches them teamwork, he teaches them fundamentals, he teaches them “The Game.” He teaches them how to handle stress and pressure in a game, and these tools will help them the rest of their life. If your daughter plays for Angelo she will have grown and become a richer person by the end of the season. You will never see a team of Angelo’s “blow out” another team because he isn’t interested in embarrassing anyone, he just wants his team to have learned something from each game.

So Truckee parents, if you have a young daughter who wants to play basketball, consider yourself lucky to have such a program guided by these individuals. Angelo, Geoff and now Mike Vincent (coaching the freshmen girls), combine to make this an experience your young lady will never forget and cherish for the rest of her life. My daughter never had the same coach for two consecutive years. I suggest you do everything you can to keep these great “teachers” in Truckee, because you won’t find better.

Congratulations to the 2005-2006 varsity girls basketball team. Wow, did I ever have fun watching.

Ben Moule

a.k.a. Grandpa Ben

The Truckee High girls basketball program would like to acknowledge the overwhelming support by students, parents, teachers, administration and the growing number of fans in the community. The support shown to the program led to the creation of a freshman team and 20-win seasons by both junior varsity and varsity teams this year. Your constant support and encouragement has put our girls basketball program on the map.

The unbelievable support at the state tournament by the community was tremendous and touched the hearts of our varsity team. It was almost a perfect ending to a great season.

The team would also like to thank Sylas Wright of the Sierra Sun for all the great coverage and all the service organizations and businesses who financially helped the girls along their journey.

With your continued support and dedication of the girls, we will continue to work hard and improve the quality of our program and our student athletes. The future of Truckee Girls Basketball is bright and your support is why we are shining. Thank you!

Angelo Tenorio

Geoff Stephens

Mike Vincent

Truckee girls basketball coaches

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