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Readers write

I have lived in Truckee all my life and never have I seen anything like the closing of the local theater, which has been so important to the community. I acknowledge your point that you want to close the theater for new shops and businesses and a little extra cash in your pocket, but if you make room for other businesses where would families go to enjoy a good movie?

The closest movie theater near our small town would be in Reno or the Lake Tahoe area. People don’t have that kind of money anymore to drive that far just to watch a movie, and even if we did, that would be using our natural resources inefficiently. If you take our local theater away there will be more crime and vandalism in the area because children don’t have a safe environment to hang out in. If you had kids, and they wanted to go on a date, where would you tell them to go? Sixteen year olds aren’t going to have the money to go out to a nice dinner. So the only choice would be to go to Martis Village Theater to watch a movie.

The closing of this theater will impact this town in a enormous way. Please take this idea into consideration: It’s not about the money, it’s also about families, youth groups, and kids on their first date. Don’t Close our theater.

Kyle Jorgensen

6th grader

Alder Creek Middle School

I know you wish to close our local Truckee Theater but I know a lot of the citizens of Truckee love to go to the movies with their friends. I don’t think you would get as much business if the theater were stores. There are already too many. Unless you want Truckee to get any bigger we don’t need any more stores.

It is also bad for our earth if people have to go down to Reno, see a movie, and drive back to Truckee in one day. And it is also using natural resources inefficiently. Theater owner you can prevent this horrible event from happening. It is your choice.

Tyler York


I am a Truckee pre-teen who attends sixth grade at Alder Creek Middle School. Closing the local theater would be a huge change to our rite of passage into teenagism. This means that we will lose a safe and fun activity that we can do without our parents tagging along. Believe it or not, having the movie theater was a good way for parents to learn to trust us and feel comfortable with us away from them.

To the owner of the property and/or theater, have you considered how kids and families will have to deal with this closure? Plus, how can you think it is better to replace pre-teen/teen tradition with retail shopping? (Yawn!) Maybe local families could plan on boycotting the new stores after the theater is gone. I could see this situation setting up to be some kind of karmic payback if the theater is closed. We have enough retail stores already. Or do you think we should close the teen center too? We could have more retail stores in that location.

As someone who does not have a driver’s license, I do not want to hitchhike 31 miles to see a movie, especially in snowy, icy conditions. My parents work and are not able to drive all of the time. So what is a kid to do?

Can you please rethink your decision to close the theater for the good of the local community and development of the kids?

Cody Sharp


I have lived in Truckee for my whole life (11 years). The town of Truckee has changed so much. We have lost some great businesses, and got some cool new ones. It will be a very sad day when we lose the only theater in Truckee. What will the kids in Truckee do for fun? Without a theater in Truckee, where will we go to see a cool new movie? What will teens do that will keep them out of trouble? What will parents with small children do for fun? Do we really need more stores in Truckee? Please reconsider your decision to close the theater.

Savannah Mae Clark


I’m writing about the closing of the Martis Village Theater. The theater has been there ever since my dad was a kid. It’s a very popular place kids and families go to do something together. If you close it we will have to drive to Reno or Incline to see a movie. This option would not be very good for pre-teens without a license or teens who have just learned to drive.

Sometimes you have to think about the kids and families and not about the money. We have enough shops in town but only one theater and if you take it away what are we going to have?

Katie Churchman

Age 12

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