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Readers write

Now that the hard numbers are in about the cost of undergrounding the Tahoe Donner utilities, I hope the residents will join me in concluding that it is madness to continue the discussion. As said in a previous letter, the eight to 10 years required will mean huge hassles, noise, and endless piles of dirt. The individual share of the cost is forecast to be $25,000. Since none but the most affluent can afford to write that check, the rest of us will have to finance the cost for another $14,000 in interest. Then there is the $5,000 to $12,000 required to connect each house to the new lines.The pro arguments say we will see our property values rise and that we’ll no longer be inconvenienced by power outages, and the association tells us in its recent letter about many ways to make the final bill more palatable.We all know that construction projects never come in on budget and always take much more time than planned. I live in the windiest, most exposed part of Tahoe Donner and I haven’t experienced a single power outage all winter.So, we are looking at a minimum of $50,000 per property just to have a little more snob appeal. And all this when we are heading into changing economic times when it is likely we will see our property values level off or even decline. There may be a handful of properties that would see their views improved enough to increase their home values by $50,000. I would rather use that money to finance a college education for one of my kids.Please do not allow the most affluent to make this decision for the rest of us. Return the survey cards just sent out with a resounding no, and let’s be done with it. Let us put our money into real projects that benefit the community.Derek LarsonTahoe Donner

On Thursday, March 16, I had the opportunity to meet with residential and business customers at the Truckee Post Office. I was impressed with the willingness of the customers who took their time to visit with me. Most of the concerns had to do with delivery issues and parking.On Friday, Postmaster Michele Stivers and I met with Lynn Saunders and John Whitney from the Chamber of Commerce, Darren Shaw of the Tahoe Donner Association and Kit Kelly and Duane Evans from Northstar. We discussed a variety of issues ranging from delivery options to mail receptacles.Parking issues were a major concern for our patrons. One customer suggested asking the city officials to extend their parking enforcement activity to the post office parking lot. On the surface this seems like a very good idea. This would return much needed parking to postal customers and could possibly add more revenue to city coffers. I would especially like to thank Ms. Babette Haueisen for providing pictures and explaining some of the parking inadequacies to me.Postmaster Stivers and her staff are committed to correcting any delivery issues that may occur. Your continued input is needed to ensure each and every issue gets the attention it deserves. We want to earn your trust and your repeat business. Please feel free to contact the Truckee Post Office directly at 587-7158 should you experience any further issues. You may also contact the Consumer Affairs office for the Nevada-Sierra District at (702) 361-9419. And, last but not least, you can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS or log onto to voice any concerns or access rates, ZIP Code and general postal information.I would like to thank each and every person for their kindness and willingness to share ideas during my visit. Postmaster Stivers, Supervisor Mary Davis and Truckee postal employees are committed to being the best in the business. Dee Dee TerranoU.S. Postal Service Las Vegas office manager, consumer affairs & claims

I’ve been following the ongoing debate about what to do with the triangle of land near Interstate 80 that East West Partners donated to the town in the newspaper. Have you thought about putting in a bowling alley there? I think that it would be the perfect location for one. Freeway noise isn’t an issue in a noisy place like a bowling alley. Plus, it would provide a safe nighttime and indoor wintertime activity for our children, who will soon no longer have a theater to go to locally. I believe that with the gyms we already have at each of the schools, including the closed middle school, the current Rec Center and the Vet’s Hall, not to mention the new sports center at the hospital and the various private facilities operated by homeowner associations and the like, more than meet the needs of the community for gyms. In addition, its reasonable to advocate for the new Sierra College campus to include a performing arts facility. From my limited Internet research, it appears to me that a bowling alley would require a moderate capital investment, since the land has been already donated and it appears that the major cost of building a bowling alley is the land. Further, a bowling alley would provide ongoing financial, recreational, family entertainment and team/individual sports benefits to the community for decades. We have many outdoor activities for both summer and winter weather in this community. We have the children’s museum for the younger children and a small teen center for the younger teens. We need more indoor, safe places for our adolescents who are perhaps not as athletic as some to compete and exercise and for our families to gather. I have only looked at and, but I’m sure that there is more information out there that is worth reviewing. I strongly urge that this option be seriously considered.Cindy SmithTruckee

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