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Readers write

I was very disheartened to hear that the Martis Valley Theatre is closing. My children go there nearly every week. The loss of this vital activity will add another nail in the coffin that Truckee is building for itself. Truckee is becoming a “vacant castle” only occupied when royalty arrive for vacations. The efforts put into providing workforce housing are useless if we have nothing to do here. The decisions motivated by financial investments only will lead to the killing of the “golden goose” that Truckee has been for so many of the developers and investors. Truckee will soon resemble a sarcophagus rather than a living community ” so beautifully preserved by still dead.

I have always been proud to be part of Truckee. It’s been a community that is compassionate, caring and resourceful. We give when we have none, share whatever little we have and then give some more. However, the glint of gold has tarnished our community and blinded our leaders. The leaders in our community aren’t only the people elected, but more importantly, all of us that make up our community. It’s easy to blame property owners, landlords, property managers, developers, town staff, elected officials and special districts.

It’s time the people of Truckee provide leadership and save Truckee because we care. The saving of our theatre is a step in the right direction. I have enclosed a petition circulated in town to save our theatre. I’m enclosing this petition so each of you can understand the importance of this little step. Please read the comments and ages of the 280 individuals that responded and gather a real understanding of the gravity of closing the theater.

The key to the solution doesn’t lie with real estate values but of the value of people. I, for one, would look forward to being part of the solution.

Rich Valentine


It was certainly interesting-to see (another) major advertisement purchased by the downtown merchants to expound on the benefits paid parking provides to all of us Truckee residents. Unfortunately, in my estimation they are missing-a key point. I see this as not only an inconvenience,-I see it as a change in the basic character of our town. The unattractive blue and white signs make downtown look like a hospital district, and the interests of the downtown merchants no longer appear to coincide with the values and atmosphere of the community as a whole.-

Fortunately, however, we may have accidentally hit upon a win-win situation. Since I no longer feel any obligation to help float the downtown businesses in the shoulder seasons, I am now saving money. The downtown merchants-have what they want ” at least one empty parking space (mine) for the benefit of their out-of-town customers. The Sierra Sun gets to keep selling advertising space-to the downtown merchants for Public Relations. Sounds like a dream come true.

Chuck Morgan


Wow. If you have to pay for a full-page add to try and sell the paid parking downtown, you must have a serious problem. It’s not working.

Gordon Shaw


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