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Readers write

If the downtown merchants think that the parking controversy is going to go away by extolling its virtues on a full-page ad, then they are sadly mistaken. The issue has antagonized (from what I can determine) the vast majority of the local population. I believe some of these merchants who signed the ad will find that out to their detriment during the upcoming “shoulder” season.

As I have said before, yes the public was given a chance to have input prior to the implementation, but the public was completely blindsided by the scope of paid parking. I don’t believe anyone envisioned all the side and back streets being covered as well (including in front of the community center, which is absurd).

Additionally, in reading about Jody Sweet’s efforts, it seems wrong to have a requirement to sign a petition be that the signer voted in the last election. I would have to think that disenfranchising any registered voter would be unconstitutional, let alone what I would consider un-American.

John Pratt


In the Sierra Sun article (“Caltrans wants enviro review of trail alternative” March 24) Supervisor Ted Owens, lead promoter of giving our historic public road to a private party, is quoted as saying that he “anticipated” the request by Caltrans for a California Environmental Quality (CEQA) report. This raises the question why then did he push this through the Board of Supervisors without first completing the CEQA? Was he hoping Caltrans might not notice and just rubber stamp his request?

Owens also appears to be jumping the gun by indicating that the study will be completed soon, however, he has yet to ask the Board of Supervisors for taxpayer funds to pay for this study that will only benefit a private party. The study could easily cost over $100,000 and take over a year to complete with many public hearings. Owens is also quoted as stating that a large section of the historic trail washed away during winter storms and he believes his new trail alignment “is now an even better proposal.” He may have forgotten that in his February letter to Caltrans, Mr. Owens stated the historic trail could not be located. Yet he knows that the historic trail washed away? And Owens fails to mention that his re-alignment is not just a few feet away, but half a mile south of the old trail.

Owens also claims the new trail alignment will “keep the trail from passing next to the property owner’s cabin.” Owens apparently feels the county should inject itself into how close the 150 year-old historic trail is to the owner’s 10-foot by 15-foot, untaxed “micro-cabin” located within Truckee (in his letter to Caltrans, Owens calls this the property owner’s (house”). Apparently, Owens will help any Nevada County homeowner who would like a public road moved away from their house. Interestingly, the “cabin” is much closer to Donner Pass Road than the historic trail. Will Owens next try to have Donner Pass Road moved to make the owner even more happy?

Rick Martel


Historic Donner Trail Committee

The Doolittle snake currently has its poison-filled body wrapped around our area and is squeezing the life out of us. Its body is made up of Bruce Kranz, Ted Gaines, Robert Weygandt (currently out of favor with the snake so the snake is running toady Jerry Simmons against him), Aaron Klein, Scott Leslie and countless other scaly parts.

The way to kill a snake is to cut off its head. We have an opportunity to kill this entire venomous reptile in November, and our killing instrument is our vote.

Jack L. Sanchez


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