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Readers write

I think its time the Public Works Department and their winter operation gets a fair and favorable, “Thanks for a job well done, despite your management team and the large or small occasional berms.” My general impression of any government entity is never favorable, such is and would be the case with the Truckee PWD. The PWD employees work with the handicap of its leadership. General public opinion is damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t attitude when it comes to any type of public service. Snow removal is mandated by federal, state, county, cities and townships respectively. The Town of Truckee is no different, with its unique climate and the demand of excellence by a bunch of ungrateful transplants to the Sierra who apparently want the town to take over the homeowners’ responsibility for keeping their respective driveways clean.

Oh yes, your next letter is going to say how long you have lived here and yes, other issues, yada yada yada. In plowing, the final result is berm/berming, cutting pac, snow blower operations and clean-up. I should know, I have lived in this area for over 50 years. The winter of 05/06 in everyone’s opinion that I have spoken with was quite mild. So if you got a berm this winter, I would be grateful it was not a longer winter and or deeper snow as in Mammoth, Calif., where the snow fall is registered at 51 feet this year, in not much higher elevation.

When I see you plowing, I will be smiling with thanks. President Truman said if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Buy a blower or get a service.

G.H. Stoner


I am not a local by Truckee standards, but I have survived a few winters here and in other places that get more snow then Truckee. Yes, those places exist. I have never seen a problem with snow berms till living in Truckee. I had to get a hotel room a mile from my house this weekend, after driving four hours through a storm to get home, because no one plowed my street. Not once on Sunday did a plow take the time to at least clear one path on my street. I understand low priority, but that doesn’t mean NO PRIORITY! I even saw a plow go that way so I went and checked if my street was clear, but no it was too much too hope for.

Because of the snow there was nowhere for me to park and walk home. The next day when I got home I almost couldn’t make it to the house because the berm was so high I couldn’t get over. I have lived in Northern Michigan where they received 17 feet of snow the winter I lived there and there was never an issue with snow being removed or berms. The town should take responsibility because that is what we pay them for. I have been inconvenienced too many times to just buck up and take it any more.

Adasa Murray


The April 14 editorial (“Parking your opinion where it counts” Sierra Sun April 14) on the above subject. Why would a critic advocating the elimination of paid parking want to serve only to bang their head against a stone wall? If one reads the town advertisement on page A12 of same issue, it states that the functions are: Determine operation policy and act as advisors to the town council when decisions were required.

This request for applicants hardly seems like a call for individuals that want to eliminate paid parking. When the hiring of a parking coordinator took place, this pretty much sealed the direction the town was going to take. This individual was not put in place to weight the pros and cons of the issue, but simply carry out the wishes of the Downtown Merchants Association and create an implementation plan.

I am a supporter of a referendum that would determine the wishes of the citizens of Truckee. I suspect if the outcome indicated that the elimination of paid parking was desired, a lawsuit or some legal tactic would be filed in an attempt to reverse the will of the people. I probably missed it but did this publication run a survey on this matter via the online voting method?

Cliff Gwartney


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