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Readers write

I attended the debate Tuesday evening between the eight candidates for the airport board of directors. On whichever side of the airport controversy you fall, the choice in November is clear based on how you feel about airport growth.At their first debate, the candidates for the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board spent most of their time agreeing. Although they expressed some differences in tone, all the candidates felt the airport was a wonderful regional asset. None of them wanted to close the facility; all of them thought the airport needed to improve its relationship with the community.Still, the debate provided a clear choice for voters in November. For voters who feel that the airport should be free to grow however much it needs to in order to meet increased demand from pilots and aircraft owners, the choice is Ken Foster, Joe Ferrera, Al Turner, Connie Stevens and Adrian Howes. For those who feel that airport growth should be managed and possibly limited to maintain quality of life in the region, the choice is Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington, and Paul Vatistas.Seldom do candidates differ so dramatically. We owe the Experimental Aircraft Association our thanks for making the choices so clear during the debate they sponsored.Don McCormackTruckeeThis land was your landWith all the controversy surrounding development in Martis Valley (even though there is an airport, industrial park, offices, campground, man-made lake, golf course, half the valley was graded in the ’60s, and has been logged continuously since the 19th century, “pristine?”) I felt compelled to write.Did you know that in the early 1990s, the land that is currently Old Greenwood, Grays Crossing, the new middle school, Pine Forest at Truckee, and the Pioneer Industrial Park once belonged to the people of the U.S.? Did you know that this land was given to private interests in exchange for land in Oregon?I wonder if the land in Oregon had as much value as land on an interstate within 200 miles of three major cities? I think I know why it was done – so that it could be developed and money would pour into the Town of Truckee in the form of mitigation and development fees.Therefore, when we’re told how generous East-West Partners are for donating land for a school, church, etc, what’s really happening is that they’re giving back what was already owned.Kind of makes you wonder where the real interests lie in this town. And I think this “deal” should be more thoroughly investigated by the Sierra Sun.Kevin ReeveTruckeeGreen great on libraryI was totally taken by the letter to the editor “Rethinking Green” (Sierra Sun, Sept. 17) from the resident of Nevada City. Wow. What a dedicated person to take time to explain her position on a candidate for Truckee Town Council? Astonishing isn’t it? I can hardly keep up with what is going on in Truckee, Sacramento and Washington, D.C. And I thought I was too political. But for a person in Nevada City to keep up with issues related to Truckee is by all means quite amazing and requires a lot of dedication and interest in one’s neighbors. I appreciate that.Now, I am not that familiar with what Barbara Green did regarding issues the writer brings out in her letter. However, I was a participant alongside Barbara Green and Josh Susman during couple of years of negotiations with Nevada County over the Truckee Children’s Library addition and expansion as the Truckee Friends of the Library treasurer. We in the town of Truckee are grateful to these two dedicated members of our community for the addition and expansion of Truckee Library. Without their continued and tireless devotion the expansion and addition of the Truckee Library would not have materialized. I do not have the required knowledge about the affordable housing grants, but every time I go to the Truckee Library to take care of Friend’s finances I thank Barbara and Josh for their efforts. I suppose we can’t argue with success.Parvin DarabiTruckee

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