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Readers write

I have worked in digital media and high speed data for almost 10 years now, and although I love the concept of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District fiber project, the available business plan bears no resemblance to any known comparable situation, leading me to conclude we will have a failed fiber project within five years, possibly creating huge problems for us as Truckee residents.

Without spending too much time on boring details, there are a few key assumptions in the plan which make no sense.

– The idea that TDPUD will achieve 39 percent market share in six years (as is the stated mid-case scenario) is unheard of in the history of media communications when arriving as a third party to a strong duopoly situation, with mobile wireless as one example.

– The idea that 1.5MB speed at $40 a month will sustain for the next 12 years, as indicated in the plan, must be seen as an unrealistic projection based on all known comparables, including what must be clear as the current price for broadband in Truckee, which is $32 for 5MB downstream. We know the price will drop and the speed go up as competition occurs, as has been seen in every over-builder situation in the United States ” 10MB at $30 is probably more realistic in the short run, which is a very different cost structure than the plan.

– TDPUD’s partner Eagle Broadband (EAG) has an extremely low $12 million market cap today after decreasing almost 30 fold in the last few years. To assume they will be a strong partner is unrealistic.

– The 45 percent operating margins assumed in year 12 dwarf any known comparable company ” is not realistic by any known measure

Again, I think the TDPUD project may bring a host of benefits to Truckee residents and businesses, it’s just that I wish the provided financial assumptions were even remotely achievable so that we could all look at the true cost before going ahead with the project.

I have repeatedly contacted the TDPUD team associated with the project, but without ever getting a response.

Sean Ryan


Thank you so much for your article on the wheelchair accessibility of the Truckee/North Tahoe Area (“A tough road” Sierra Sun June 9).

I do wish, however, that your reporter covered downtown Truckee and the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District facilities a little more thoroughly.

As a full-time wheelchair user I truly appreciate the accommodations that local business people have made. More often than not, ramps are shoveled, help is graciously offered and people are nothing but kind. That is also true of our schools.

If school is open, access is nearly always guaranteed for the many children who use wheelchairs in our area.

Why the town and the TDRPD can’t ensure the same I’m not really sure. Regional Park is completely inaccessible to wheelchairs.

Yes, the bathroom has a ramp, but how might one get there? There are no paths of any kind. The concrete pad that also serves as the ice skating rink is inaccessible as is passage to the baseball fields.

The fields to our beautiful new River View Sports Park are also inaccessible. There is a properly graded ramp that is covered with soft sand ” completely impassable in a wheelchair.

The Veterans Hall has a ramp, but a thick gravel parking lot to negotiate. Meadow Park has boulders around the property ” most too tightly placed to pass a wheelchair through.

Weeks go by when the downtown curb cuts aren’t passable in a wheelchair. I’m not sure if the curb cut in front of Bar of America is shoveled all winter long. And more than once have I been stuck in the Town of Truckee parking lot barricaded by ice and snow.

How can we possibly expect private citizens to comply and dutifully shovel their ramps when our tax dollars can’t ensure the same thing?To expect the private sector to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and exempt the public entities is completely unacceptable.

Holly Hazel McGowan


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