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Readers write

This letter is to let the people of Truckee know as belly dancers we love the Fourth of July Parade, we look forward to it every year. But this year got a little crazy with the water soakers. We have wonderful costumes that cost hundreds of dollars. We are performers, so we get decked out and we do not want to get sprayed with water, it’s as plain as that. We do not think its fun and if we asked-you not to do it, we wish you-would understand. When everyone goes to the concerts in the park, I don’t see the parents telling their kids to throw water balloons at the performers. What happened to everyone enjoying the parade and cheering for all of us who are in it each year? We all just want to have fun! As for the RUDE group with the hose next to the bead store with the wagon train in front, don’t boo us and tell us not to be in the parade because we don’t want to get soaked with water. Maybe you need to grow up!

Diana Clarin

Jewels of the Lake

Bob Sweigert, in his recent column “Armchair politics ” it’s all in the family” (Sierra Sun July 5), stated “We invaded Iraq to punish Saddam’s flagrant disregard of the United Nations and the UN’s lack of will to do anything about his arrogant, dishonest and unstable behavior.”

This logic, from someone who is questioning the logic of liberals, seems flawed, too. It appears that Mr. Sweigert wants to hold Saddam Hussein accountable for failing to comply with the dictates of the United Nations. That is a generally logical thing to expect. However, he also faults the United Nations for not doing anything about it. So, to follow his logic, it was up to the United States to impose consequences on Hussein, regardless of whether this action was authorized by the UN. The way I read this, if someone doesn’t want to obey the UN, then they are wrong. If the US wants to take action in contradiction to UN voting, then it is right. Seems to me that the logic here is a little selective. We should either support the outcome of UN decisions or not, but doing so selectively is hypocritical.

Moreover, many other nations, including the US and Israel, are among the leaders in violating UN decisions. Where does that fit in to Mr. Sweigert’s “conservative logic”? Maybe he’s too busy hunting rattlesnakes or trying to pick up women at the gym to give this issue some real thought.

Robert Pascual


I love America. And in honor of her birthday, I love to party and have fun with friends and family.

I’m sure I’m not alone. Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and fun places to celebrate the Fourth of July. This is why I don’t understand the fascist-like police presence in Tahoe over the Fourth of July.

I didn’t realize that a new law was passed this year against having a good time. Everywhere I went there were police with nothing but attitude and disrespect.

I understand it’s a hard job to do over the fourth, but the sheer number and bully like demeanor they displayed was both unprofessional and pathetic. I also understand that they are jealous of everyone enjoying themselves, but why bust everyone for the most menial of charges?

The “Fun Police” should take a better look at why people come to Tahoe for the fourth: to celebrate America and what it means to be an American, not to make money and try to show your better than everyone else. So next year, when their back, be sure to hide your smiles, cuz they’ll get ya!

Carl Hungus


I have been on the north side of Donner Lake to watch the fireworks display, usually without incident. In recent years, however, I’ve noticed a trend: increasing numbers of people are staking out spots on the docks at earlier and earlier hours, and growing more and more belligerent and territorial about “their” little (and increasingly, not so little) patch of dock. This is, of course, exacerbated by eight to 10 hours of copious alcohol consumption.

Each year, it seems, groups of these rowdy revelers, complete with barbecues, large ice chests, sofas and even, one year, a tent, stake out larger portions of the docks and seemingly, get drunker and more profane with every passing year.

This last holiday, an inebriated individual started bellowing about his “local” status. He shouted to a group on a neighboring dock and they shouted back. The cursing increased until several occupants, including a woman with a small child, implored him to watch his language. The woman pleaded with him to stop, while her daughter started to cry. He only grew more abusive and vulgar, shouting at her that he’s a local and that this was his dock, his tax dollars having paid for it. “Go back to the bay,” he shouted repeatedly. Not wanting the situation to become violent, many people, including those with children, left before the fireworks ended.

Truckee has a decision to make. Are the municipal docks for the civil use of everyone, including families? Or are they intended only for those who are sufficiently loud and belligerent to dominate them? If the latter is true, perhaps a large warning sign is in order.

Mike Messner


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