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Readers write

Charlie Brown (Lt. Col. USAF Ret.) the Democratic nominee for Congress in our district has challenged Rep. John Doolittle (R-Rocklin) our Republican incumbent, to participate in five debates. Charlie has asked John to meet him for a series of debates to be held throughout the district, including one in the Truckee/Tahoe area. The debates would be broadcast live on radio and television in order to make each candidates viewpoints known to the public at large. Charlie would like at least one (if not all) of the debates to be town hall style, where we the people could ask questions of the candidates.Please take a moment to ask Congressman Doolittle to accept Charlies challenge and to participate in the debates. You can e-mail Rep. Doolittle at or by mail at 4120 Douglas Blvd. #306-283 Granite Bay, CA 95746. You can learn more about Charlie (and view his letter to John) at owe it to ourselves to become a more informed electorate and John Doolittle owes it to us, the voters of his district, to accept Charlies challenge.Jennifer Montgomery Soda Springs

Congressman Doolittle, another letter writer (John Q Taxpayer must care about death tax Sierra Sun June 26) and their friends love to paint a black-and-white picture its either repeal the so-called death tax entirely, or revert to the pre-2001 taxing of estates worth only $1 million, at rates of up to 55 percent, which they claim would kill off many family farms and small businesses. They dont mention a third alternative that Congress could change the law to impose a reasonable tax, only on estates worth over $5 million or $10 million, which would spare most true family farms and small businesses, as well as most middle-class Californians with valuable homes and 401K/IRA accounts. No, they would cut aid to the less fortunate so that the super-rich could pass every cent on to kids like Paris Hilton.Paul AndersonLos Altos/Carnelian Bay

Republicans launch immigration hearings across America to coincide with the upcoming elections. McCarthyism is back in style only this time the GOP is demonizing the Latino worker.How fair can these hearings be when they are the product of Republican hard-liners?The coming immigration debate will get nastier before it gets better. The worst elements of society have come together to mount a vile andreprehensible campaign against hard working immigrants, against goodwill and brotherhood.

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