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Readers write

I read with regret the recent Sierra Sun article announcing the leave-of-absence/retirement of Mr. Mike Finney as principal of Truckee high School. Mr. Finney has been with the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District for nearly two decades. He has served our two comprehensive high schools as assistant principal and was promoted to principal of Truckee High School several years ago.I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Finney on a wide variety of issues affecting his campus. He has always been a wise and caring professional willing to work extra hours when needed. A high school principal of an 850 student population has a wide variety of management responsibilities and student-generated immediate problems requiring careful attention. The entire community of Truckee owes Mr. Finney a debt of gratitude for his concern, management skills and professional expertise over many years. Many campus problems have been averted by Mr. Finneys ability to work with various community groups and local agencies. He has cared deeply about the welfare of the students in his school. The latest State of California accreditation survey showed that Truckee High School students unanimously stated that the adults in their school cared about them. This is a measure of Mr. Finneys positive influence. It has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Finney for the last few years. My best regards to Mr. Finney for admirable service to the community and students of our district.Pat Gibbons-JohnsonTrustee, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

This past weekend I encountered a Truckee celebrity, of sorts, as I waited at the Deerfield Drive stop light. I looked over at the car next to me and spotted Sweets. Now we all know Sweets, even if the name doesnt ring a bell. Hes the African-American man who, when youre agitated at being stuck in yet another road construction traffic jam, gets you smiling with his break dancing, stop sign waving, fingers-tracing-a-smile-across-your-lips gesture. Thats Sweets, the silver lining in any road construction cloud.When I spotted Sweets I rolled down my window to say, Hey, youre the funny Caltrans guy. He lit up and said, Yes, I am, but then frowned and said well, not really anymore. See, the Town of Truckee has mandated that I no longer dance. I asked why and he shrugged and said ask the town and tell people about this and then he drove away as the light turned green. I shouted I will and so here I sit clicking away on my keyboard.So, Town of Truckee, whats the deal? My immediate reaction is to think yall are ridiculous and have forgotten that life is supposed to be lived and have gotten strangled in your bureaucratic tape but I want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Surely you have a good reason for restricting Sweets from whistling while he works? Surely you have a good reason for dampening his pride in his livelihood? Surely you have a good reason for depriving us local Tahoe drivers who suffer through exceptional amounts of road construction year in and year out from a smile and a good laugh when sitting and waiting? One would think youd encourage and foster anything that keeps drivers calm and patient, no?Nicole Wojslaw Truckee

I wholly support Dinny Dickinson (A different take on the proposed Truckee community center Sierra Sun July 17) regarding the proposed community center. He has made some very good points and some excellent suggestions. What is wrong with a public board the Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District that refuses to consider public input? I admit I havent been a groupie at the TDRPD board meetings. It was clear, however, at the ones I did attend that the board had made up its collective mind and was not interested in concerns or facts brought up by the general public. In fact some of the board members were downright rude. I am disturbed that public agencies are not working together to provide facilities instead of everyone building their own empire. I see an empty middle school over on Donner Pass Road. Does this give anyone any ideas? We as taxpayers should demand they work together.As a student of recreation and leisure studies I support the need for some type of community center in Truckee to replace or enhance the current crowded facility. I am not convinced that Truckee needs such an elaborate facility and I am certainly not convinced that the we want to pay for it.We are not the Bay Area or Aspen and from my point of view we don’t want to be those places. Why is the Board trying so hard to build what I would consider a Bay Area facility? If the folks who moved here to get away from the hustle and bustle of a huge city want all that stuff they should consider moving back to where ever it is they came from. The citizens in this community should take some time and attend the TDRPD to find out what is happening instead of waking up later and asking, What Happened?I think that we should be building a facility that reflects the character of our community or at least what we hope would be the character of a mountain community.Lynne R. LarsonTruckee

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