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Readers write

I strongly support the broadband project of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District. I believe that this is the only way that I will get such a connection to my home and home business. I continually apply to SBC, etc., for DSL with the hackneyed reply “Not yet, but we are coming soon.”That soon has been going on now for six years and hasn’t happened yet, and I suspect it never will for there is no economic incentive for SBC to accommodate my needs. The case for the cable company is even worse. Seven years ago, I had the opportunity to ask the manager, presiding in his sales booth, when they could get to my house? I do live in the town of Truckee. His reply was “Never.” And it really was as bold and cold as that.Robert ThomasTruckeeJet to RenoI am a senior executive for a Fortune 500 corporation in Southern California, and I routinely fly in corporate jets. I have also owned a second home in Northstar for 30 years and am now building a new permanent residence there. I know firsthand how jet noise from the Truckee Tahoe Airport is significantly diminishing the serenity and tranquility of the area. I have had to pause a conversation with guests as planes “buzz” my home.When I fly up, I land in Reno, trading a bit of convenience to help maintain the quality of life that brought me to Tahoe in the first place.I plan to vote for candidates who recognize that jet noise is a serious economic problem in a community based on tourism and outdoor recreation.I support Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington, and Paul Vatistas for the open seats on the airport board. Together they have the business savvy and community leadership necessary to get the job done. I also support Community Airport Restoration Effort (CARE), an organization whose mission is to preserve our mountain community’s quality of life and the long-term viability of our airport by addressing the problems it causes. J. Thomas Van BerkemCalabasas, Calif. and NorthstarCARE is justblowing smokeAs a user of the Truckee Tahoe Airport, I have become aware of a local Truckee group calling themselves the CARE committee. I am troubled with the CARE committees use of half-truths and sensationalized statements concerning the airport in their attempt to gain control of the airport’s governing body.It also amazes me that members of the CARE committee can spend time in the checkout line at Safeway on a holiday weekend, and then make the airport the target in their stated mission: “To preserve our mountain community’s quality of life.”My experience with “committees” like these is that they are designed to distract from the real issues. By blowing smoke in the direction of the airport, their hope is that by the time the cloud has lifted, those backing their platform will have completed their agenda and moved on to other opportunities.The CARE committee criticizes the airport for “not trying to limit growth,” but seems unconcerned about the Town of Truckee’s unbridled dispensing of building and development permits. The CARE committee is concerned about airport safety, but criticizes the airport for its master plan to “implement improved navigation aids,” which will enhance the safety of airport operations. The CARE committee is worried that the airport restricts the location for future schools and hospital expansion, but what I am guessing is that the CARE committee is really worried about where the Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco are going to go.The CARE committee, and the candidates they are fronting, are not going to provide the solutions that we as a community need. The CARE committee candidates need to be recognized for what they really are, and that is an attempt to load local government with the pro-growth proponents that the builders, developers and real estate interests need to in order to continue the expansion in the Truckee basin.I would encourage anyone truly concerned with “preserving our mountain community’s quality of life” not to support them in their attempt to be elected to the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board of Directors.Gary TrovingerTahoe Donner and Los Gatos, Calif.Careless buttI saw a report recently from a Sacramento broadcasting company that the Sierra foliage is as dry as it has ever been at this time of year. Today’s Sierra Sun contained an article about the amount of dangerous fire fuel existing in our forest. Then this afternoon I am following a guy in a silver Isuzu, license No. 4RMG956, who throws a lit cigarette butt out his car window.Am I off-base in thinking that a lit cigarette out a car window during high fire danger season is a potential catastrophe to our community? Of course, the police can’t do anything unless they see it actually happen, which is not consistent with the other laws we have that protect our community. I understand that lit cigarettes aren’t as big a threat in communities like San Francisco, Sacramento and downtown L.A., but up here we should have a different level of tolerance.If you smoke, please use the ashtray. If you witness someone endangering our community please report their license number to the police department. If they get enough calls, maybe they will change their perspective.Joe BurnsTruckee

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