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Readers write

After giving blood yesterday, I also signed up to be on the National Marrow Donor Program Registry. I would like to thank Phoebe Bell and the Truckee Tahoe Community Fund and Wes Beyer and the Truckee Rotary for covering the cost of tissue-typing for up to 64 registrants a fee of $52, which would not have been able to cover on my own. As the aunt of a young cancer patient, I know only too well the importance and value of the generosity of strangers and so am glad to be in the pool with others who are willing to share their lifeblood with others. I was number 18 to register, and hope that if and when the offer is made again, that more will join the ranks.There’s more then one way to save a life!Laura SextonTruckee

I was outraged to read that yet another bear has inhumanely been killed. Why did this happen? Because people just dont seem to get it. Feed a cute little bear = kill a bear. Even leaving food accessible for them is the same thing. When will it be that people that live here will understand? What needs to be done for these people to get it in their heartless heads? I am not talking about everyone, the bears do have a lot of people on their side, but it just takes a few ignorant people to kill the bear population. Dont like the bears? Perhaps afraid of the bears? Then maybe you should sell your homes and move away, or better yet educate yourself about the bears. What people fear is not knowing. If you take the time to learn maybe you wont fear. Then maybe the bears will get to live their lives out in this beautiful area as you wish to do. Kathy L. BledsoeTruckee

I have heard about the awful things people have done to bears. I think it is wrong to kill a bear. I heard a very sad story from my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Reed. It started when a family started feeding a mama bear. The people thought it was cool to have a bear eating off their porch. When the mama bear came back for more food the people had left back to their Bay Area home. The people had left the door open, so the Mama bear went in. The mama bear had been pregnant when the people fed her, so she hibernated under their house. The next summer three baby bears were born. The mama bear had to find food for her cubs. So she went in the house and trashed it trying to find food. The people finally came back for the summer. It shocked them to see their house trashed. When the mama bear came back with her cubs the man in the house grabbed his gun and shot two of her newborns. Now it was only the mama and one cub. That is why it is important not to feed bears no matter how cute they are. I have also heard about the bear that got killed in Squaw Valley. Bears may look scary, but they are really harmless, plus bears are vegetarians. That is why I wrote this letter to tell you how bad it is to kill bears.Casandra BledsoeAge 7Truckee

I was absolutely horrified to learn of the killing of another bear. I guess I just dont get the inhumanity of those involved in this act. First the wrong bear is trapped and left in the hot sun for hours to suffer and then knowing its the wrong bear they haul off the little cub to be murdered. Whats wrong with this picture? Yosemite protects its wildlife, why dont we protect ours? Is it as simple as inhumanity? For those of you that are living in wildlife areas and are guilty of feeding the wildlife STOP. Get educated. Vast majorities of residents are sick of your stupidity and I personally would love to see you relocate.I was informed that if Fish and Game set a trap and do trap a bear, even the wrong bear, that the bear is still killed. Dont really understand that. Do any of you? I think its time that we change the way we casually disregard wildlife. Animals, domestic or wild, are not disposable.Barbara JajkoTruckee

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