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Readers write

The My Turn column in last Wednesday’s Sierra Sun (“Cops should catch criminals, not create them” July 19) brought up a topic that has been at the top of many, many Truckee residents’ lists (along with paid parking and over-development) during conversations among residents.-

I had just recently had dinner at a downtown Truckee restaurant and the young waitress had an eerily similar experience with over-zealous Truckee police and had been stopped three times in a week (once for allegedly throwing a cigarette out of her car ” she doesn’t smoke!). When I happened to see her on Friday, I told her about last week’s column, which she hadn’t seen yet, and she told me she was stopped again that week.

I have heard many similar stories and would like to know why “probable cause” is being ignored by the Truckee police? If the column writer’s figures are correct with regard to the spending per capita on the police, perhaps we just have too many police with too little to do in a small town. A solution to the problem could be to get rid of a few police jobs, use the money for plowing downtown and get rid of paid parking at the same time ” two birds with one stone.

I would urge Truckee voters to get out and vote in the local elections and vote for politicians who are not afraid to say no to over-zealous police, no to paid parking promoted by the Queen and her court who seem to have undue influence over the local politicians, and no to outside developers who are changing the landscape and character of Truckee.

Let’s vote for candidates who say yes to preserving the quality of life for the residents of Truckee. We do hold the power of the vote, let’s use it.

John Pratt


With regard to the lady who wrote (“No more smiles?” Sierra Sun July 21) that “Sweet,” the local highway traffic guy who brought smiles to many here has now been told by the town to stop his dancing-type moves, is indicative of the direction this “mountain town” is going.

No movie theater. Golf courses and over-sized Thule-draped gas-guzzlers containing people who look down on other people. Do I have the right designer clothes, the latest gear in the mountain town that really wants to be a suburb of Frisco?

Do the people who asked that Sweet be stopped have the guts to identify themselves? Do those same people wish their own line at Safeway? Do the brave Truckee authorities who implemented this order ever go to the movies?

The fault ” as one newsman once paraphrased, and he was talking about all stars, not just the ones “brighter” in Truckee, but all stars ” was not in the stars, but in ourselves. Good night and good luck.

Kevin Conway


Thank you to the letter writer (“No more smiles?” Sierra Sun July 21) for keeping us informed. My fuse about blew after reading, “The Town of Truckee has mandated that Sweet may no longer dance on the job.” He has done more good for this town keeping a smile on our faces long after we leave his road construction site and a lot more patient. He’s amazing, making us laugh and relax while we wait. I wish he could be on all the road crews. Why would our town do such a thing? With all the extreme changes going on in Truckee, it’s a challenge some days to be patient. We read every day about road rage. Sweet is preventing it. Please, keep Sweet dancing!

Joey Ames


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