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Readers write

When I receive that North Tahoe Public Utility District survey, I’m going to suggest a fenced dog park at the North Tahoe Regional Park. My dog is a young, energetic, agile hunter who needs a good off-leash run. But allowing him off leash in the woods exposes him to coyote predation, and I’m always watchful and fearful on these walks. I frequently see coyotes and leash him up when I do. A week ago I saw a coyote with pups ” an even more dangerous situation. My dog chased a coyote that he saw before I did. Also a bear.

I need a safe place to let my dog run. Having volunteered to walk dogs at the Tahoe Vista Shelter, I know those poor dogs are also in serious need of a place for an off-leash run.

Incline Village allows people to take their dogs to the soccer fields when games are not being played there, and this is a wonderful place. But I rarely go because there and back takes three-quarters of an hour. I don’t know why we are not allowed to take our dogs to any of the fields at the North Tahoe Regional Park, but it sure would be a great benefit to our community to have a dog park there.

Nancy Gribble

Agate Bay

In response commentary on Sweets; I am amazed that people confuse entertainment with responsible driving habits. Within our vehicles we currently have plenty of diversions with cell phones, radios and passengers. Television is allowed in backseats, not front. Watching a mime or dancing flagger distracts from this accountability. Flaggers are not hired as entertainers. They are for the safety of construction projects. The driver’s duty is for passenger, public and road crew safety. Let’s concentrate on driving when in our vehicles and enjoy Tahoe’s many forms of entertainment externally.

T. Teal

Olympic Valley

I am sorry to learn that the Town of Truckee put an end to Sweet’s dancing and sign spinning ways. Truckee residents recognize the friendly road worker who entertains us as we wait in construction traffic. I applaud those that take pride in and excel at their jobs, and if those individuals can also bring a smile to my face, so much the better.

In an area that thrives on recreation, it makes sense to support those who bring both professionalism and fun to work. Perhaps with enough letters, Truckee will reconsider its stance against Sweet’s energetic work ethic and allow its other citizens to enjoy, once again, our community’s most appreciated road worker.

Mike Wyreman