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Readers write

It is with a mixture of happiness and sadness that this community will very soon say goodbye to one of the “rocks” of our town’s foundation, Sandy Wilson. Sandy is relocating to Phoenix, Ariz. to become a bank auditor, still with US Bank, a bank she has served for 25 years.

It is with happiness we say so long because Sandy is ready to take on a new challenge and chose this path. We wish her well and hope her new banking community will soon realize how lucky they are to have her.

It will be with sadness that we watch her go as her niche in our community will not be easily filled. During her 25 years here, she has taught hundreds of children to save for their future by opening their first accounts; their parents were meanwhile starting their college savings. She’s helped new small businesses open their first checking accounts, credit cards and maybe their first loans. She’s helped with first cars and first mortgages. She’s trained an uncounted number of new employees who have gone on to be great employees all over the country.

While all these things have been part of her job, Sandy has always taken the extra step so you know she cares.

Last but not least, she does her best to display every non-profit’s poster on the front door, fill the lobby with canned food or toiletries for the soldiers and help out with Kiwanis Club. So if you know Sandy Wilson and want to wish her well, stop by the bank, sign our “Goddbye Book” for her and send her off with some great memories. Don’t wait too long; she’ll be gone on Aug. 18. Don’t worry, the bank will carry on without her at our helm, but it just won’t be the same.

Sandy Hauserman

I am a 14-year-old student in the Town of Truckee and have lived in this town my whole entire life. I have some concerns I feel I need to express.

I have concerns about the development in our town. When I drive through the town all I see is orange cones, orange vests and orange fences. That always means more construction. It breaks my heart to watch. It is the same with many other locals also. I realize that we need homes for people coming to live here, but where does it stop? I have seen more development in the last year than I have ever seen in the 14 years of my life.

The town houses and the new office buildings are really putting a dent in the beauty of our home. You can’t hear the birds singing or the rush of the river anymore. All you hear is the steady sawing of our trees and hammers pounding on nails into fresh wood.

There is even a rumor that there is a Raley’s going to be built in the Martis Creek area. That would only produce more of what we already have and don’t need more of. We have a Rite Aid, a Safeway, an Albertsons and a Longs. Those cover our needs for food, household items and a pharmacy. If people need more items they can stop being lazy and go to Reno and get their needs there.

The reason many locals came here was to get away from the city life. But now it is just reappearing right in front of their house. All the development is darkening the love in the town. All I ask is that we cut back on the development in our town as much as possible. Please, don’t let Truckee become the new Reno. I miss the town I grew up in.

Leah Arth


In 1997, Democrat Nevada Sen. Harry Reid invited President Clinton and Vice-president Gore to attend his first Lake Tahoe Summit (LTS) to lend their influence to preserving this natural treasure. Clinton and Gore spent a few days highlighting Lake Tahoe. The result was national attention focused on preserving the lake and ultimately over $320 million appropriated for its preservation.-

At this year’s LTS on Aug. 10 at Sand Harbor, Congressman Doolittle and his henchman Bruce Kranz made their first appearance. Doolittle lauded himself for being instrumental, along with Sen. Feinstein, in bringing funds to Lake Tahoe. Doolittle’s hypocrisy was incredible, even for him. On a national survey on environmentally friendly Congressmen, Doolittle received 4 percent.

Doolittle’s presence at the LTS shows how desperate he is to be re-elected.

Democrat Charlie Brown has caused Doolittle to masquerade as an environmentalist. Doolittle is many things, most of which have been broadcast nationally, but he is NOT an environmentalist.

All the Republicans at LTS stayed on message: “Better to vote for an imperfect bill now to preserve the lake than wait for a perfect bill.” In other words, Congress should vote for a flawed bill. They used fear of a catastrophic fire at Tahoe to try to persuade environmentalists to support their gifting Tahoe’s forests to loggers, easing of air quality regulations and building codes for developers.-

Nothing Doolittle involves himself in benefits anyone but his financial backers. He believes that the voters are so uninvolved and disconnected that he can get anything he wants. All that is necessary to lose Lake Tahoe is to let Doolittle have his way.

-Jack L. Sanchez


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