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Readers write

School is about to start, so here are some thoughts to ponder:

– Those eight-sided red signs are called STOP signs, not ROLL-THROUGH signs.

– The white lines between the lane you are traveling in and the edge of the road are not there to create another lane for your travel. They are either bike lanes or fog lines to indicate the shoulder edge.

– The intersection of Prosser Dam Road, Alder Drive and 89 north has no left- or right-turn lanes at this time. Passing on the left or right is illegal and, more importantly, deadly. We are happily awaiting some sort of resolution this year.

Please keep your yourselves and your precious cargo safe this year.

Rusty and Carol Pauli


We have lived on Bermgarten Road in Tahoe Donner since 1988. We are the only residents of this street, immediately adjacent to U.S. Forestry property and two 80-acre parcels that have been declared “surplus” by the Truckee Donner Public Utility District. The street has been the access to these parcels since the August 1994 Tahoe Donner Fire, with the logging roads that were cut in 1996 for the lumber clearing and forest thinning project. Originally the logging roads were accessed from Cedar Flat, off lower Northwoods Boulevard.

As full-time residents we have witnessed all the traffic that utilizes this open space. Every weekend and holiday period, and most weekdays year round, locals and visitors alike use these open space parcels for dog walks, family hikes, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, jogging, biking and even rock climbing; the numbers are in the hundreds each year.

The parcels have recovered from the disruption caused by the fire and subsequent logging, and are now more beautiful than they have been in 18 years. Vistas of the Donner Summit area and Donner Lake and Schallenberger Ridge are unique from several points. The area is also home to some giant “old growth” cedar trees ” 5 feet to 6 feet diameter ” spared from logging over the years.

As customers of TDPUD we understand the current economic realities you face. Please consider a solution that would keep these two parcels open space for future generations to enjoy.

Greg and Bettee Palmer


Representative John Doolittle is an extremely successful campaign contribution fund raiser. He controls so much campaign money that he doles it out to state and local candidates of his choosing, giving him enormous control over politics in his district. Therefore, it is especially objectionable that he spends taxpayer money (mine and yours) to prepare, publish and mail out his re-election campaign literature for the upcoming election.

Incumbents have an almost impossible-to-overcome advantage in elections. This campaign mailing at your expense is just one example.

My communications to his office have probably tagged me as an environmentalist. That must be why his very slick, very expertly worded campaign mailer mentions only environmental issues. They probably prepared and mailed out quite different campaign literature to constituents who have expressed other concerns.

Perhaps his campaign staff is counting on voter ignorance of his environmental record. I hope his staff proves to be mistaken in November. Rep. Doolittle’s voting record on the environment is 0 percent, according to the League of Conservation Voters, as I learned in my recent Web searches. His voting record is anti-civil rights, anti-public health, anti-public education, anti-union, etc. Anyone who can use an Internet search engine can learn about his ties to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and other shady financial matters, as well as his extremely regressive voting record in general.

Congressional House Ethics Rules prohibit sending out campaign literature at taxpayer expense. But this ethical standard is apparently not strictly enforced.

There is a provision that is a bit tougher if the mailing is within 90 days of the election (39 US Code ?3210). I counted back the days until election. August 15. The mailing was obviously timed to beat the rule. Do you want to be represented by an incumbent with his ethics?

R. S. Lynn

South Lake Tahoe

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