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Readers write

Don’t be fooled by the misguided attempts to reduce jet noise at the Truckee Tahoe Airport advocated by CARE candidates (Eagan, Hetherington and Vatistas). Even if they were well intentioned, they could easily lead us down a path that would ultimately cause the demise of this valuable regional asset.By having accepted federal grants, the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board of Directors has legally agreed to maintain the long-term operation of the airport in a manner that does not discriminate against any users. Other airport boards nationally have hired consultants, paid legal fees and unsuccessfully fought this federal requirement. Despite their “can-do” attitude, they were only successful in squandering assets and overseeing the deterioration of their airports.Candidates of the Friends of the Truckee Tahoe Airport (Foster, Howes, and Ferrerra) would bring aviation knowledge and business sense, in addition to neighborhood relation skills, to the board. Their election will enable balanced compromises between neighborhood issues, economic issues, and aviation needs without sacrificing the benefits available to all from our outstanding general aviation facility. Prudent management of airport resources is essential. The election will determine if those resources are wasted in useless procedures and litigation or invested wisely in an asset that is truly a source of regional pride and value.Jim Wholey TruckeeAirport planning done in vacuumOver the past months I’ve been reading that our current Truckee Tahoe Airport Board of Directors is biased toward pilots and aircraft owners. That may be true, but it’s beside the point. The real problem is that this board has failed in its primary responsibility – preparing the airport for the future.In developing the airport master plan, this board shortchanged the environmental review process and refused to consider the impact of increased aircraft operations on the communities below the flight path. As a result, we have a plan that reads as if it were created in a vacuum, not one that provides a realistic framework to manage growth as we move forward.In the end, that shortsighted approach will hurt both the airport and the local aviation community. If complaints about noise, safety, and land use are loud now, they’ll be deafening as the Martis Valley develops and as multi-million dollar homes fill in Lahontan, Gray’s Crossing, and Old Greenwood. This conflict is not going to go away. We need a new, more competent, board for the Truckee Tahoe Airport, one that is willing to look ahead to tackle the challenges that will face the airport in the future, one that is willing to place realistic limits on growth now in order to protect the airport’s long-term viability. For that reason, I urge you to vote for Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington, and Paul Vatistas on Nov. 2.It’s time take our community airport out of the hands of a narrowly focused board and put it back into the hands of the community it serves.Robie Wilson LitchfieldTruckeeA reader’s reasons to vote Just noting some current facts on Bush’s performance during the last three-and-a-half years:• The current federal deficit: $2.3 trillion (The surplus when Bush entered office: $5.6 trillion).• More than 1.2 million jobs lost (21 million created before 2000).• Ratio of CEO to worker pay in 2003: 300 to 1 (42 to 1 in 1982).• CEO pay growth in 2003: 27 percent.• Average tax break for top 1 percent of earners under Bush tax plan: $96,634. Average tax break for bottom 60 percent of earners: $350.• Hourly wage growth for production, non-supervisory workers in 2003: 0.6 percent.• Current unemployment rate 5.6 percent (5.6 percent in Nov. 2001).• $26.4 billion underfunded to No Child Left Behind Act.• 3.8 million people uninsured since Bush took office (2.3 million gained health coverage before 2000).• Increase in cost of health premiums in last four years: 60 percent.• Number of retirees whose employer-paid drug coverage will be cut by the new Medicare Bill: 9 million.• Additional profits gained by the pharmaceutical industry under Bush Medicare incentive: $139 billion.• U.S. trade deficit in 2003: $549 billion (in 1999: $241 billion). • Amount of progress made combatting global warming: 0• $120 billion spent on war in Iraq.• Number of WMD found in Iraq: 0• Number of connections between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein: 0.• Number of U.S. military killed in Iraq: 1,000 and counting. Approximately 15,000 civilians killed and wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.• Current average number of terrorist attacks per day in Iraq: 80. Average number of attacks per day soon after “major combat operations ended”: 10.• Number of children of Congressional representatives serving in Iraq: 0Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Congressional Budget Office, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, Citizens for Tax Justice, Center for Economic and Policy Research, U.S. Department of Education, Internal Revenue Service, Business Week.Danae AndersonTruckee

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