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Readers write

I know we live in a democracy, but must we endure two full months of candidate signs? One week, two weeks, a month, but two full months? And do these politicians really think that if we voters see their names it will make us vote for them? And how much do these signs cost? Can’t they find something better to do with their money than litter our highways? Hopefully they will remove these eyesores from the Truckee-Tahoe landscape the night of the election and not leave them for days to follow.

Darren Campbell

Olympic Valley

A letter writer’s rant about school uniforms (“Government dictating what children wear?” Sept. 15, 2006 Sierra Sun) was a validation of free speech, even if school uniforms provide a more disciplined environment that leads to less violence and greater learning. But the writer was dead wrong when he included an irrelevant description of sexual contact between underage persons in his arguments. It was equally egregious for the Sierra Sun to publish what is essentially a child pornography narrative in a family newspaper. Free speech has limits; letter writers must exercise personal restraint and good taste, and editors must show respect for others. I expect better from both.

David C. Antonucci


Recently, Glenshire Drive was slurry sealed. When the re-striping was done, the white line on the right that creates the shoulder was moved slightly to the left.

Although the road is still not wide enough for a Class 2 bike lane (4 feet on both sides with “BIKE LANE” stenciled on the road), this re-alignment makes the road safer for bicyclists. The Board of The Truckee Trails Foundation would like to thank the Town Council and town staff for helping to make Glenshire Drive safer for bicyclists until the road can be widened for a Class 2 lane or a Class 1 trail (separate paved path) can be built and paved between the Regional Park and Glenshire. In particular, we would like to thank Richard Anderson for working closely with Dan Wilkins on this issue.

Todd Huckins


The first step seems clear to me. Install the green-man pedestrian lights at all marked cross walks. Design them so that both the pedestrian and the motorist can see the green man, which would alert the motorist to the presence of a pedestrian in the cross walk, without the need for a full traffic light. Encourage people to cross only at lighted corss walks.

Jeff Bourdon

Alpine Meadows

Yesterday my friend, Frank Bragg, passed away, finally losing his long battle with cancer. He told me last year that he had “coded” 13 times over the years. He had more lives than a cat! He was one tough “old guy.”

I used to kid with him that he was the only person I knew who liked to ski more than me, but when I won the lottery, I would like it just as much because I would have the same kind of time he did. Just about every time he saw me after that he would ask if I had won yet. We made a pact to go to Sun Valley if I did win. He was acknowledged a year ago as the Truckee Ski Bum of the Year. He would regularly ski over 2.5 million vertical feet per year. Brian Dinneen at Bar of America called him “Vert” because he skied so much. He will be missed on the slopes.

Frank was also an avid 49ers fan, so I hope he got to watch their victory on Sunday, he would have loved that.

I do not know who is making arrangements for his remains, but knowing him, I would guess that he would want his ashes spread on a ski run ” probably on the backside of Northstar. I would be most willing to help with that accommodation.

John Pratt


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