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Readers write

I think that school uniforms are a great idea. We have a diverse population; there are rich kids and there are some very poor kids. Dressing them in the same clothes takes pressure off the kids and equalizes them. I don’t think dressing kids in the same clothes is going to make them act the same or think the same. It is not the first step toward controlling the students nor is it meant to curtail individual expression.

Uniformity does not equal conformity. We have uniform standards for packaging most everything but that hasn’t made everything inside the same. In example, cereal comes in boxes, a uniform shape. Canned goods come in uniform round cans. Our traffic symbols are uniform so that everyone understands them.

The school curriculum throughout California includes uniform standards. Uniforms, whether educational standards, symbols, shapes, packages, or dress codes are used to simplify things and create a standard. The purpose behind creating school uniforms is to help create a standard of excellence in our educational system for all of our children. I advocate school uniforms. The statistics from existing studies indicate it benefits the kids tremendously. It’s time for the parents to stand up, like the parents at Kings Beach Elementary, and take charge on this uniform issue to get it implemented throughout the district. Many of the kids are complaining, well, they complain when we take them to the dentist but we do it because it’s good for them.

Uniforms will be good for our kids.

Mary K. Jones


Your article (“Truckee parks might soon be smoke-free”) in the Sept. 21 issue on the proposal for smoke-free parks in Truckee, did get my attention, and not in a positive way.

I couldn’t help but feel like Truckee was getting hit with the “nanny-state” virus, whose outbreaks have been spotted as far as Chicago, Ill.

You see, I was born and raised in France, where there is a lot of smoking going on, yet I am a non-smoker myself. And I give full credit to my parents for helping me make my personal choice, and not some ordinance in vigor in my hometown.

While I salute Kimi Caperon’s involvement in educating our teens about the negative consequences of smoking, I still strongly feel it is up to fathers and mothers to discuss the issue with their children. They are in the best position to initiate and foster a positive dialogue with their kids, and it is their duty as parents.

As far as park cleanliness is concerned, it would be great is smokers would pick up after themselves and properly dispose of their cigarette butts so we can keep the parks clean.

I have never seen so many rules and regulations in a self-professed “free country”, and I certainly do not like the feeling that I am being “baby-ed” by my local, state or federal authorities.

Francoise Evans


It is challenging to be a pedestrian in Truckee. No sidewalks and the traffic on Donner Pass Road has made it a crap-shoot on whether or not you can cross the street. It has been two weeks now that school has been in session and yet the vehicles driving cannot yield to the school children and their parents in the cross walks.

I enjoy walking in Truckee, especially since I have a SUV that is a gas-guzzler, but making sure my children and I don’t get hit has been a frustrating experience. I have had people drive right on by while my children and I were in the middle of the cross walk. And yes, it makes me mad. It is just as brake peddle folks. And the 30 seconds you have to stop is not enough to worry about.

Friday, I had a person yell at me when I asked her to stop at the cross walk. Maybe she did not see the first two vehicles drive right by while the children were trying to cross. Here again, the drivers just don’t seem to understand that this is a very difficult area to cross. Although, it is right in front of the high school in the middle of the school zone, it is impossible to make people aware of the children.

So, yes, you will see me walking and protecting the children. You will see me raise my hand with a stopping gesture. Please understand that this is something I see five days a week and it is getting old. There are not enough police to monitor every cross walk and there is a law that states that when a pedestrian steps off the curb, the vehicle must stop. It may seem too aggressive for some, but the huge SUVs and fast cars are also very aggressive and intimidating to pedestrians.

Please, oh please, slow down and pay attention to all the cross walks to see if there are any pedestrians not wanting to get hit but wanting just to cross the street.

Saskia Lontz


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