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Readers write

Bravo to the letter writer from Olympic Valley (Eyesore signs Sierra Sun Sept. 20). His comments on campaign signs echo mine and most of the community’s I’m confident. I would like to challenge my opponents and all candidates running for office to cease and desist with the campaign signs. Typically a candidate won’t have signs unless his or her opponent does. I will be happy to resist the temptation to put up signs if my opponents agree to not put them up too. Let’s have an honest discussion of ideas and plans for the future of our community outside of littering the public right of ways.A name on a sign doesn’t speak to ideas! Theresa May DugganTahoe VistaCandidate, Seat 3North Tahoe Public Utility District

Just received my notice of a public hearing set for Nov. 8 on increasing Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency (T-TSA) rates. Since this hits my pocket, I sat down with my trusty calculator and discovered the following.For the last five years, the T-TSA fees have increased at the average rate of 6.7 percent per year. Not as low as inflation but not too bad. But now they are proposing we pay an extra 9.2 percent each year for the next five years. Thats a much bigger annual increase and way higher than my income goes up. This new rate of increase is apparently being justified on past increases in costs, including many related to the cost of petroleum. By their own words (to the Grand Jury), facility expansion should not result in higher fees.I can understand that rates may have to increase as the cost of operations goes up, but dont believe the directors are prescient enough to set rates for the next five years. For example, petroleum prices are dropping as the notice of this hearing moves through the mail.A much more realistic approach would be to set the rates for the next year at something above the current rate based on current costs and a realistic expectation of near-term labor and other cost increases, then re-visit this as part of the annual budget. This way they remove the risk of erring either too high or too low. They already review capital costs annually and I presume that, as a special district, they have an annual operating budget that includes projected labor costs, although the T-TSA Web site is devoid of any useful financial information as well as contact information for the directors.Does anyone else think almost 10 percent per year for the next five years is too much?Richard ClarkTruckee

Why is everyone in this town in such a hurry? Everywhere I go there are people driving way too fast, tailgating and generally practicing poor driving habits. The worst part about it is that it’s not tourists or second homeowners its locals! Is it really necessary to go 50 mph on Donner Pass road? There are kids and bikes and people walking. No matter how much of a hurry youre in or how late you are for work is it worth the risk of killing someone? It’s not that hard to leave a little earlier to get where you need to go. Just know that the next time you fly by someone on a bike or tailgate someone going the speed limit that they probably live here too. So please slow down or start moving because there is no reason to disrespect your neighbors. Kyle Larrain Truckee

Your stay-the-course satisfaction (I’ll take Iraq now Sierra Sun Sept. 22) with Iraq’s plight bumps into the facts that we’ve lost more of our own there and Afghanistan than we did on 9/11 and most Americans and Iraqis think it’s been a waste. The Administration’s linking the tyrant Hussein with Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, 9/11 and terror war was foisted by association and innuendo (44 percent of Americans still believe it). If the Administration really wants to save lives, why didn’t we intervene in Rwanda and Darfur where over 1 million have died? Oh, forgot: Bush’s high-rolling oil supporters are not involved with oil there. No democracy for them. Lesson we have yet to learn: Preemptively invading another country before they might attack us only makes us look like an ignorant bully. Yet the real killer (Bin Laden) lives on to gather new recruits from incensed survivors. A joint study of 16 of our security agencies concluded these actions have created more not fewer terrorists. Read Chomsky’s tightly reasoned book Hegemony or Survival? for a big picture of what’s going on.J. Duke AckermanTruckee

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