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Readers Write

I would like to comment on the picture of the lady feeding a goose published last week. I recall reading in your paper about the tons of goose poop that is a cause of increased nitrogen going into Lake Tahoe. Recently I spent a day at the beach in Incline Village and read about the “goose patrol” how they are trying to discourage the geese from hanging out at the beach.

Now, I know people think the geese are cute, but when you feed them, they can become aggressive, their droppings all over the beach are gross. I like the idea of gently discouraging the geese from hanging out at the beach. To show a picture of someone feeding geese only puts the people and the geese at risk and encourages people to feed them, whereby, the geese are encouraged to hang out at the beach polluting the lake. Please run a story about Incline’s goose patrol to show the other side of the story.

Jeanie Blount


It is time to dump Congressman John Doolittle. Not only do he and his wife have financial links to the Abramoff Indian gaming scandal and to one of the co-conspirators in the corruption case against former Congressman Cunningham, he has known since 1997 about abuses including forced abortions, religious persecution and sexual slavery related to sweatshop labor on the Marianas Islands. Yet he continues to tolerate these abuses.

Jack Abramoff’s billing records document that Doolittle’s Congressional office directly discussed Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands policy with convicted Congressional briber Jack Abramoff, as well as with Kevin Ring (a former Doolittle staffer who worked on the Marianas Islands account while employed at Abramoff’s firm) no fewer than 25 times between 1996 and 2001.(See

Add to this that he has been a firm supporter of Bush’s wrong-headed and tragic war in Iraq while the true terrorists in Afghanistan got away. The list of his misjudgments is endless. Let’s put a credible, honorable person with integrity into Congress as our Representative. Please vote for Lt. Col (retired USAF) Charlie Brown. Let’s clean-up Washington, D.C.

Lin Zucconi


Why are Illegal aliens tolerated in this town? They are all over the place. Everyone knows about it but no one is doing anything about it. It has come to my attention from some good young people around here that they have their own gang and routinely threaten people with phone calls and make it so a lot of our young people want to carry guns and knives for their own protection. Parents, listen to your children. This is happening right under our noses. They’ll tell you if you ask. The only reason this is allowed is because the “good” people of Truckee tolerate it. They want cheap labor regardless of the cost? What’s it going to take? One of our young people to be gang “jumped” and knifed to death? Maybe it is time to go to outside agencies and have our local law enforcement people investigated for allowing this happen.

Frank Casella


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