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Readers Write

To the writer of “Under our noses” (Sierra Sun Oct. 4): Need I remind you that just this summer, in our very town, right down the street at the regional park, a young white, U.S.-born male, allegedly murdered one of Truckee’s young people? Bad people are everywhere, illegal, legal or native-born.

Illegal immigrants are tolerated for a variety of reasons. One of which is that they fill a labor need in our town that the young people of this town are either unwilling or incapable of fulfilling.

Gordon Mandeno


The writer of “Under our noses” (Sierra Sun Oct. 4) seems to be concerned that “illegal aliens” present a danger to the youth of Truckee because of gang activity. I’d like to ask the writer: Are undocumented immigrants the only people who join “gangs” and who carry knives? I recall a recent incident in which a US citizen was “knifed to death” by someone in Tahoe City. The perpetrator was not an “illegal alien” or even a “gang member”.

I believe that poverty and exclusion are the leading contributors to gang membership ” not citizenship status. Let’s not demonize the people who are doing the work that we want done (at a price that we’re willing to pay) because of some broad generalizations. We, through our consumer and civic choices, create the employment and housing market that draws undocumented workers. “Legal” status is not the cause of violence. Poverty, fear, and exclusion are. Let’s deal with root causes instead of just pointing fingers at an easy target.

Robert Pascual


A recent editorial (California greenin’, Sept. 25) talked about SB107 calling for 20 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2010. It also mentioned some types of renewable electric power that might be used to reach this goal. Solar, wind, and geothermal are some of the possibilities.

One large issue is with the Democrats and Republicans still running the country, receiving campaign contributions from large oil companies and giving them, in return, $5 billion in subsidies last year. The goal of 20 percent may be larger than our current politicians may be willing to meet. People in Northeastern California have a choice and an opportunity this year.

Dan Warren is the only candidate for congress in the area that has environmental understanding and has proposed that we open up non-environmentally sensitive federal lands in Northeastern California for private companies to develop geothermal, wind and solar production. Being at the southern end of the Cascades and the Northern end of the Sierras, the geothermal potential alone might get Northeastern California “off the grid”. Not only does Dan Warren see the non-petroleum potential, but he also lives a lifestyle that is friendly to the environment.

Before we give more subsidies to another oil company, we should vote for a fiscally responsible and socially tolerant candidate that is not tied to the promises of his party.

Bob Glassco

Grass Valley

The Nov. 7 election is just around the corner. For those who vote absentee, it’s just down the block. It is time for those letters of endorsement to flood the newspapers. I want to take a moment to ask you to consider the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board Election.

I have been around the airport board for almost 10 years watching to see in which direction the airport is going to head. It hasn’t been easy but we now have an airport board where the majority of the members are working toward a positive relationship between the pilots and the rest of us. Bill Quesnel and Sandy Korth are two candidates (who happen to be pilots) who have spent the last 16-plus months serving on the ACAT (Airport Community Advisory Team), working to resolve the impacts of the airport on the surrounding communities. Bill and Sandy have consistently demonstrated their commitment to developing and maintaining a positive climate between the pilots and the rest of the community.

Why Bill Quesnel and Sandy Korth instead of the other pilot candidates? In my 10 years of involvement with the airport board, it has become clear that the “incumbent” and the “former board member” made no commitment to a better working relationship between the airport and the rest of the community.

Having been a board member isn’t enough. We have made great progress in understanding each other. We cannot afford to take steps backward during this critical time. Bill Quesnell and Sandy Korth will keep us going forward. Please vote.

Lynne Larson


My husband and I have been full time residents at Donner Lake for the last 10 years. We attend the majority of the PUD Board of Directors meetings.

We have found Ron Hemig to be a person who is looking to the future for the district. With the rapid growth here in Truckee, Ron’s forward thinking and ability to thoroughly research all issues that come before the Board make him a great asset to the PUD.

Juanita and Frank Schneider

Donner Lake

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