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Readers write

The article, “TRPA prepares violation notice in airport tree cut,” (Sierra Sun Oct. 2) leaves me concerned and confused. There seems to be approval of 300 trees to be cut and then 1,700 trees cut. Then, the article goes on to say a violation will include a proposed settlement. Have trees been cut already? If not, how can anyone issue a notice of violation?

Well, aside from this gobbledigook, the real issue is, is TRPA caving into moneyed interest at the airport? The TRPA this year did cave into money when it allowed for the future permitting of a new 200 piers and many buoys for huge “fees.”

If anyone cannot see beyond the tree cut at the airport (similar to the tree cut at Homewood Ski area) “naïve” must be their middle name. Remember the proposal for a jet port at Tahoe a decade ago? Can this proposed cut be but our generation’s prelude to clearing the way for the new jet airport at Tahoe?

As an exercise, I suggest that the interested reader drive Highway 50 toward Echo Summit. Stop frequently along the way for a look at the view of Tahoe over the existing airport. Imagine this airport growing (300 – 1,700 trees cut is the beginning). Imagine the noise and the infrastructure that comes with an expanding airport. Do we need this at “our” lake?

-Ron Knaus

Tahoe Pines and Nevada City

The minutes for the last North Tahoe Marina expansion Steering Committee meeting on Aug. 24 are out and can be viewed at Go to the link “meeting notices” and then to “major projects.” The meeting was very well attended, however, only the last 15 minutes were allowed for public concerns. The latest proposal is a 183 boat marina going out 605 feet into the lake. The proposed marina will be 405 feet wide with a gasoline station 550 feet into the lake.

All slips have electric and water hookups; the piping goes along the west side of the marina wall, making year round service a possibility. There will be an opening very close to shore for kayaks to go through the marina, however this opening may be inaccessible in low water and the plan does not address windsurfers.

It is very frustrating that neither the TRPA nor the Design Workshop in charge of the meeting responds to our concerns: Long overdue is a 47-space parking lot from 2003, 115 more motor boats permanently in the lake in addition to the 48 buoys and 20 slips.

A marina that is nine times bigger in size, 245,045 square feet compared to its current size of 26,770 square feet. No public launching, a private restaurant, no benefit for the community and huge high-end, noisy boats.

A lot is being taken away from swimmers, windsurfers and non-motorized recreation. An 8-foot-high wall that extends out into the lake will be a scenic disaster. This will affect the views from properties and beaches from Brockway to Dollar Point.

We are belittled by the TRPA telling us that this is only an “idea” and the public has many opportunities for input. I wonder when? The next step will be an EIS/EIR report paid for by the Walsh’s and guided by the TRPA.

We have to be vigilant that we do not miss anything. I urge everyone concerned to call Jeff Cowen, community liaison for the TRPA, at (775) 588-4547 X 278 to find out about progress and when the community may be heard.

Alvina Patterson

Tahoe Vista

I’m happy the benefit for Kyler Smith was a success. A very worthy cause.

Unfortunately it came at huge cost to the environment and community of Donner Summit. Our hiking trails are torn and deeply rutted from the 50-plus dirt bikes. Also some of the small meadows are badly scarred from bikers going off the trail.

What were the organizers thinking? Surely they would know that many bikes would cause a lot of damage. I’m concerned that this was the “first annual.” Does that mean they’ll be back next year?

I have nothing against dirt bikes, but please stay off the hiking trails. The damage will be there forever.

Nancy Latimer

Soda Springs

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