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Readers Write

In a sudden move, our local PUD seems to be strongly considering a 50-year contract to secure energy which is not from a renewable source. I have twins in the third grade who will be in their 60s when such a commitment expires. The technology of “clean coal” is similar to nuclear, in that there is no proven safe long-term way to sequester the CO2 waste products. There are other alternatives.

Please join me at the Nov. 15 TDPUD board meeting at 7 p.m. to ask for sober analysis of the environmental consequences of such a decision. We owe it to our children. Truckee folks have enough vision to value a sustainable future. Renewable energy is the way to that future. A 50-year contract to a non-renewable source of power would be a huge long-term mistake. Don’t let it happen on your watch. Ratepayers are the owners of the TDPUD. We should also be their conscience.

Neal Mock


Hey, Truckee Donner Public Utility District board, has anyone over there heard of “global warming?” A 50-year contract with a coal plant in Utah? You’ve got to be kidding.

Is this the same PUD that goes into schools and talks to kids about conserving energy ” replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescence and all that? What might you say when asked where you get the power to run the light bulbs? “Oh, from a coal plant in Utah,” you’ll reply. “We’ll be doing that for the next 50 years, but you should be green and conserve.”

Not. Energy conservation and energy efficiencies are extremely important pieces of the energy puzzle. But the source of our power is equally important. You ask the consumer to do his part. You need to do your part.

A sound energy plan phases out dirty power sources and uses safe, reliable and viable technologies such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. That’s what you need to be doing.

The law that will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2007 is a law to keep boards like you from making short-sightedness, bottom-lined decisions. To take into account not only how your decisions effect this generation but future generations as well. The law is being put in place to keep boards like you honest. Can you honestly say that a 50-year contract with a coal burning plant in Utah is the best thing to do? I think not.

Today, right now, at this very instant, we stand at an environmental crossroads. We need to be fully conscious of both how we use power and where our power comes from. We need to wean ourselves from energy sources that pollute our planet. We need to stop being so limited in our thinking.

Let’s leave the coal for Santa, guys. Seems he’s going to need a few chunks for your stockings.-

Katy Zirbel


It was with disbelief and a heavy heart that I read about the Erikssons losing another beautiful young daughter to a tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers go out to this family who must be suffering terribly. I humbly ask that anyone reading this letter take a moment to say a prayer for or send positive, healing energy to the family and friends of these two young women and then take another moment to appreciate your loved ones ” and life itself. We are reminded, once again, how fragile it can be.

-Laurie Woods

Tahoe City

I may have been one of those “offenders” that a writer spoke about in his letter (“Don’t Call”) on Nov. 8. Please accept my personal apology. The writer and others who were annoyed by the phone calls should know that political campaigns, charities and telephone surveys are exempt from the Don’t Call Registry rules. No laws were broken with the recent flurry of political phone calls. Anyone who doesn’t want to receive political calls should contact the registrar of voters and have their telephone numbers removed from the voter rolls. To those folks who accepted phone calls from “live” volunteers, we thank you.

Lynne Larson


The teachers of Tahoe Truckee Unified School District are once again working without a contract. Not only do we go to work each day, we stay after hours to: help students in need, attend meetings and trainings, grade papers, doctor small wounds, offer social counseling, supervise extracurricular events and conference with parents.-

We do all of these things despite the fact that we have yet to settle the contract for the 2006-07 school year. Of course we do these things because we know that our students are the most valuable resources on earth. We know that our job is essential to our local and national community. We know that without high-quality education we lose any hope for the future.-

So we must then ask why year after year we have to spend countless hours and valuable energy begging and pleading for a fair contract. The administrators and board members of TTUSD know that the district has the resources to provide a fair contract. So, the teachers are asking, why won’t they settle?

Stephanie Bacon, Nancy Casper, John Besio, Nancy Kerr, Teresa Eppolito, Sarah Adams, JD Deschler, Vincent Bruno, Vicki Decker, Sandie Leatherman, Randy Humphreys, Sue Mock, Sara Colborn, Sue DeCoite, Erika L. Murphy, Lori McMullen, Nesa Williams, Gina Stevens, Brian Kehoe, Cheryl Richey, Marybeth Kehoe, Jon Halvorsen, Laurie Scheibner, Mark Brady, Jen Polochko, Mike Merriman, Rick Greene, Teresa Mills, Ann Thrasher, Carry Parlette, Trent Krischner, Paul Christiansen, Nancy Evans, Carolyn Keigley, J. Jackson, Rene Weller, Tricia Padden, Nancy Gordon, Alicia Guzman, Jennifer Smith, Paul H. Smith, Mardiece Patrick, Jean Wernette, Dana Hurt, Yvonne Hagen, Denise Caravelli, Mary Ferrari, Danielle Elliott, Molly Holiday, Scott Beaudry, Emily Hart, Pricilla Mills, Amy Meierotto, Linda Bendock, Pat Mooney, Stan Kyzer, Jan Back, Dana Pomeroy, Jannet Courdurier, Karen Hutchinson, Craig Anderson, Patti McCaffrey, Jim Driscoll, Jeff Froelich, Kathy Tallant, Diane Laroche, Diana Yale, Susan Lowder, Dave Green, Barbara Robertson, Jack Ahern, Gary Collins, Suzie Dailey, Karen Martin, Joanne Haddy, Claudia Waters, Jean Fournier, Mary Berelson, Jan Sturtevant, Eric Rohlf, Lissa Johnson, Sarah Avery, Andrea Batie, Ann Folsom, Margie LaPoint, Kathy Echols, Jessica Wilson, Dave Goggin, Toni Rockwell, Rebecca Mills, Vicky Brown, Heather Hardy, Nancy Brolliar, Claire Boyle, Melanie Anderson, Kathleen Tavernier, Linda Segal, Veronica Ortega, Tara House, Jessica Scott, Cynthia A. Lujan, Michelle Green, Candace Fyfe, Jill Haky-Smith, Kathy Muonio,Kathleen McHugh, Kim Krengal, Liz Black, Lisa Melin,Gail Penney Ashbargh, Lynne Brady, Dawn Rye, Jim Bodenhamer, Anna Davis, Julia Lawrence, Judi Cwikla, Kathleen F. Holmes, Marian Teller, Janet L. Theis, Kim Warren, M. Starks, Eileen Hacker, Candy Blesse, Jerilyn Collins, Heidi A. Bushway Verkler, Roberta L. Andrs, Sara Kuttel, Betsy Ford, Katie Bowden, Tamara Anderson, Debbie Gerdin, M.J. Franey, Esther Bousquet, Dianne Collinson, Nancy C. Shaeffer, Jan Susman, Erin Robb, Katie Old, Gretchen Heneveld, Sherri Hollomon, Laura Borghello, Marnie Anderson, Linda Glynn, Jennifer Dewald, Michele Forsberg, Shauna Correll, Betsy DePew, Christine Marie N. Duner, Marjory Prisco, Alice Nicholls, Veronica Arington, Victoria Swan, Jan Ganong, Beth Nordby, Janet Potter, Alison L. Plap, Julie Miescke, Jackie Thomas, Lois Campbell, Gay Thomas, Teri Randall

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