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Readers Write

On Truckee River Day for the last three years, Truckee River Watershed Council, myself and hundreds of volunteers have worked to rehabilitate the trail on the creek.

The trail was damaging the creek banks and, as a result, the watershed. This year volunteers built an experimental fence to try to keep dogs off parts of the rehab and give it a chance to grow. Dogs have a big impact on Martis; the rehab isn’t doing well and we need to keep dogs off for awhile.

Last week someone cut the ropes and pulled out the stakes. I spent two hours putting the fence back together on Saturday. Sunday, a volunteer told me the ropes were cut yet again.

I couldn’t believe it. Why would anyone do such a thing?

The Army Corps and Truckee River Watershed Council put a lot of effort and funding into rehabilitating this area so that you, the community, can continue to walk your dog and enjoy the beauty of Martis Creek without causing further damage to the watershed. This is vandalism to government property and disrespectful to the people who’ve volunteered their time to help accomplish this project.

In addition, the Truckee River Watershed Council holds a permit for this project from Lahontan Water Quality Control Board. They have to pay a significant annual fee to keep the permit open until the rehab covers the area specified in the permit.

There are signs at the trailhead explaining the rehabilitation project, so there’s no possibility this person didn’t know they were doing something bad to a good cause. I cannot fathom why anyone would do such a mean-spirited thing.

If anyone has any information on who vandalized our rehab, please call Park Ranger Jacqui Zink at 308-2117. What would be really nice is if the person who seems unhappy with the fence would call me or the watershed council and talk to us about it before doing such a small and mean thing to the area that gives so much back to the community. The ranger isn’t happy. I think volunteers who did this work and Martis regulars won’t be too happy either.

Jacqui Zink

Park Ranger

US Army Corps of Engineers

Martis Creek Lake

I am thankful to be living in such a wonderful town. All around me I see people who care about themselves and one another. I see people working hard to make a difference and positive changes in this world. I have a wonderful, flourishing-business, and I am grateful to have the town’s support and input. I am thankful for an outstanding husband who continually treats me like the queen that I am. He is a wonderful father and a great friend. Anyone who knows him knows he lives with absolute authenticity and integrity. I am tremendously thankful for my beautiful, genius children. They are the future and the love they have given to me shows me that they will be prominent assets to our society and our world. I am thankful to see peace and love and the great joy our community is headed for now and in the future. Thanks Truckee, for rising above the pettiness that won’t matter when we’re all pushing up daisies and moving forward with great urgency to make our world such a wonderful place to live in.

-Gail Holbrook


I am sure that the Truckee Donner Public Utility District board members are aware of the majority of this community’s feelings about buying power from a coal-fired plant, especially after the town meeting. It seems clear to me that this would be a huge mistake for many reasons, which are listed daily in the editorial section. I just hope that they will listen to us, their customers, and wait it out until we can find a better alternative. Fifty years is way too long to get into a contract when new technological advances are being made daily that could provide us with a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Anna Demm


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