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Readers write

Paid parking is an issue in Truckee that I thought I would have come to terms with now, after nearly a year of installation. It puzzles me why we would go through such an effort to try to milk every penny off tourists and locals when the problems that these meters have brought into our community still exist after an entire year. First off, if we are going to keep the paid parking, I think its time we start seeing some improvements. No one likes to think that their hard-earned money that is being put into these meters is going to waste. The least they can do is build something that would benefit the people of Truckee. Secondly, why are the paid parking zones throughout the entire downtown area? Now I have to pay to pick up my brother from the community center or to park on West River Street. Finally, why should the locals get caught up in all of this? It doesnt seem right that my family must avoid trips to downtown because of the parking meters that line the historic downtown area. It seems a locals parking sticker would be an easy way to fix this problem.If paid parking is not going to be removed, it should at least be re-zoned or made free to the locals. I also think it would also be well appreciated if there was a showing of how the collected revenues are being spent. I think the people of this great town deserve the right to visit the historic downtown area without having to deal with aggravating parking meters. Austin LynchTruckee

On Wednesday morning as I was dropping a car load of kids off at Alder Creek Middle School one of my kid’s favorite teachers handed me a flier informing me that the teachers still do not have a contract. There were many teachers that I recognized and respect out in the parking lot talking with parents. It just seems incredible to me that these talented teachers, a huge asset to our community, are having to stand out in a freezing parking lot (literally) and ask for our support to get their basic needs met. What would our community and all the kids do without these dedicated individuals?Understanding that there might be a few complexities, I would still like to ask the School District to resolve this as soon as possible. Like a web, the effects are felt far and wide, with the community’s future at stake.I requested that the Sierra Sun write an article outlining all of the issues, what it is that is preventing a resolution now, and why it seems that we keep having to revisit this issue of having teachers work without contracts.P.S. My kids love their teachers at Alder Creek and Truckee High School and we appreciate all of their efforts.Anna TosoTruckee

Wednesday night along with over 100 other people, I attended a special meeting of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District to discuss a power purchase agreement for long-term power from a coal-fired plant in Utah. This would have the effect of minimizing rate increases in the foreseeable future.Emotions ran high and the meeting was effectively hi-jacked by the Green/Sierra Club fraternity some of whom were most likely not rate paying customers of the utility.By the time I got to speak, (at 11pm), in favor of the power purchase, most of the more reasonable customers had already left. However, in response to my question, apparently the utility had received 250 letters in support of the power purchase, and only 75 against.Last time I checked, this nation is run on a democratic basis. The PUD needs to take note of that. Without doubt, the majority in Truckee vote for reasonable rates and are happy to pay a little extra to encourage green power. We should not be hijacked into paying exorbitant rates to please the All-Or-Nothing” green crowd.The facts show that there is not enough green power to fulfill our needs in Truckee at anything like the price we are prepared to pay.Colin TaylorTruckee

To the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District Board of Trustees: Our family supports the teachers in their pursuit for a contract that is fair and equitable. We feel appalled as well as embarrassedthat this situation has not been resolved. Your responsibility is towards the children and the best education possible. We do have a great educational system in Truckee, but it will diminish if the teachers are distracted with this contract dispute. We agree with the New 3 Rs. We support a strike if necessary. Does the superintendent go through a rigorous contract negotiation?Bob, Lori and Will BeldenTruckee

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