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Readers write

Dear community member, thank you for contacting me last week about my lost ring. I am sorry that our call was cut short by your need to go and I have been waiting and hoping that you would call back. I would like to talk with you more and see if you in fact have my ring and what needs to take place for it to be returned. I have been very upset by this loss and really would like my wedding ring back. Please contact me so that we can finish our conversation. In addition to work, I can be reached on my cell phone at 386-2235. If necessary, please leave a message and I will get back to you. I really look forward to hearing from you again.

Laura Mello


Regarding the “Meet Your Neighbor” column in the Dec. 11 Sierra Sun, I must offer a qualification of Stephan Pacheco’s definition of Buddhists as being “primarily atheists.”

While this characterization could be considered technically accurate in the strictest semantic sense ” it is true Buddhists do not worship an anthropomorphized creator deity ” the word “atheist” has an unfortunate and highly negative connotation that does not at all express the reality of Buddhist practice.

In our society, correctly or incorrectly, the term “atheist” implies someone who denies any sort of divine aspect to existence. This is most decidedly not a Buddhist position.

Buddhists recognize and practice what Aldous Huxley has called ” … the metaphysic that recognizes a divine Reality substantial to the world of things and lives and minds; the psychology that finds in the soul something similar to, or even identical with, divine Reality; the ethic that places man’s final end in the knowledge of the imminent and transcendent Ground of all being.”

As do the devout of all spiritual traditions, Buddhists seek after this divine Reality, and we humble ourselves before it. This divine reality is the very source of the stillness to which Mr. Pacheco refers, and that stillness is available to all who would seek it through contemplation, whatever their spiritual path may be.

Lore’ McLaren


I am a parent of seventh and ninth grade children who have been in Tahoe Truckee Unified School District schools since kindergarten. I am ashamed by the inaction of the board to give our teachers their well-deserved raise. Our teachers are the frontline to our children. Have we forgotten that our children are the most important people in this equation and that our teachers’ morale affects the classroom?

Our teachers impart not only knowledge and caring to our children, but also their heart and soul. They work countless extra hours preparing and grading work, they orchestrate and implement enrichment activities such as field trips (sometimes spending 24/7 with our children). They manage parents, attend meetings, orchestrate fundraisers etc., and must find the energy to fight the affronting actions of the school board.

The school board’s obstructionism is insulting and humiliating to our teachers. It undervalues the work they do. This, in turn, damages our children.

Fifteen more minutes of class time will not close the achievement gap. Renewed morale, inclusiveness, brainstorming and team-building will go further to that end. Please allow my respect for the school board to be rekindled. Give the teachers their raise and contract without strings attached as you have given raises to the superintendent.

Danae Anderson


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