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Readers write

I am a year-round (as if it matters) and a 20-year resident of Truckee. I live on Donner Lake in front of one of the public piers. It is wonderful to see the turnover of the piers each day. It is usually a revolving door. Early morning fishermen come to enjoy the beautiful and serene quietness, then the sunbathers and readers sometimes with their children, then the dog lovers throwing sticks until they are both tired. Folks come for lunch, young people come to party – all enjoying their public pier.Within the last couple of years there is an increasing number of people who think it is OK to claim these piers as their own with their boats and use these piers to store their boats. They tie up for days on end.The town has ordinances regarding our piers. They hand out a flyer at the public boat launch, which states you cannot moor your boat for more than one night. If you ask the city they will quote not more than 48 nonconsecutive hours with a five-day period. If you ask the police, they don’t really know or seem to care (let’s face it, they have more important things to do). It seems to be acceptable in our current society to do as one pleases regardless of anyone else or laws for that matter. There are no consequences for these selfish and arrogant boat owners. Am I the only person who is disturbed by this?If this behavior is allowed to continue there will not be room for the public to enjoy our piers. The folks who seem to think that rules do not apply to them will overtake all of our piers and it will be much like Lake Tahoe (no access for many because of a few). What can we do? Start by calling Steve Randall of the Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District at 582-7720. Request no overnight mooring and enforcement through fines. If you are one of the people who enjoy your piers, please speak up.Claudia GarrisonTruckeeManage airport by votingAs a community, there are numerous choices we made and things we did in the past that had negative impacts on our environment and present quality of life. How nice it would be to go back 150 years and not have clear-cut almost the entire Tahoe Basin. As it is, we will forever have to live with all the serious problems we created with that thoughtless act. And how wonderful it would be to undo some of the things we “messed up” on that caused the clarity of our lake to diminish so badly. And just imagine what it would be like if someone had thought ahead and planned so we didn’t have miles and miles of traffic congestion, moving at a crawl if at all during peak ski and summer vacation seasons. There can’t be anyone who doesn’t wish this problem wasn’t part of our lives.Clearly, our community has not always been “thinking ahead” and made the right decisions in the past. But we now have a huge opportunity to wise up and change our ways. The Truckee Tahoe Airport – and how it is managed – literally holds one of the most critical keys to the future of this entire area. We are at a crucial stage right now and must steer the direction of this airport into a tomorrow that we are comfortable living in. We have three candidates who are committed to guiding our airport in a direction we will be proud of when tomorrow becomes today. We can vote for Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington and Paul Vatistas.Ann BryantHomewoodAirport opposition hypocriticalAs a second-home owner in the Truckee area, I am somewhat amused reading the dialogue regarding the future of the Truckee Tahoe Airport. Valid concerns have been expressed in this column. However, it is just hypocritical to accuse the airport board of not planning for the future, and excusing the developers for building and the homeowners for buying under the flight path and very near an existing airport. The airport was there first. There are many noisy locations in the Truckee area, and just as I-80, Northwoods, and Highway 267 cannot be silenced, neither should the airport. I hope the voters don’t allow the vocal opposition of a few homeowners in exclusive developments cloud their good judgment.Carolyn GarnerPleasanton, Calif. Measure H good for educationA healthy business community is directly linked to the education of early care and education professionals. As a preschool owner, advocate for higher education and 43-year Truckee-Tahoe resident, I am asking the hundreds of families I have served and the business community to vote yes on Measure H.Since 2000, over 20 local child care professionals gained California Department of Education Preschool Credentials by attending Sierra College. New pedagogy keeps us fresh, committed and inspired.Voters are tired of hearing about the national crisis in educator attrition. Truckee educators aren’t whiners, we are committed to the joy of working with children. We strengthen our political immune system by pulling together as educated professionals.Most educators work 50-hour weeks, making the commute to Rocklin, Davis or Reno unacceptable, especially in the winter. Sierra College allows us to complete our teaching credentials evenings, weekends and summers.Increasing access to education is good for everyone. Building a local college meets the essential needs of our youngest children by creating educators. Educating child care providers increases the stability of our business community.Thank you, you voters for children and educators. Yes vote on Measure H.Christine Rae SproehnleTruckee ‘Theft’ witnessedIn a recent letter to the editor, a writer castigated “those responsible” for “stealing” campaign signs of the Community Airport Restoration Effort group. The letter writer reminded us all that the theft of campaign signs is a misdemeanor and possession is a felony. She went further to suggest that “It could appear as though the opposition is the culprit.” I saw the responsible party today. While driving around the North Shore this afternoon, in broad daylight, I witnessed an orange truck stopping to allow a passenger to remove campaign signs of your group. I stopped to interrogate the “suspects.” The friendly Caltrans worker told me that no political (or commercial) sign is allowed on Caltrans property. Much of the land adjacent to our roads is owned by Caltrans. Accordingly, Caltrans removes signs placed on their property and takes them to their work yard prior to disposal. In the back of the truck I saw several signs endorsing CARE candidates, as well as those of candidates running for other offices. I do not know that Caltrans has been responsible for all sign removal from all locations. I am sure they are not relocating signs to obscure others, although someone is doing that. I know that the Friends of the Truckee Tahoe Airport campaigners are distressed about these childish and illegal dirty tricks. I believe that the “deplorable behavior” in this matter is the mudslinging allegation of the letter writer, suggesting that her opposition committed criminal acts. This campaign would be better received if all sides stuck with supportable facts.In a bright spot in the saga of signs, kudos to the first class behavior of one FoTTA supporter who, upon seeing CARE signs in a Dumpster, pulled them out and delivered them to one of the named candidates. Elizabeth CollinsCarnelian BayJunior college bond return ‘enormous’We support Measure H and encourage our community to vote yes for this bond initiative on Nov. 2. Contributing to local higher education opportunities is a smart investment from which we will all benefit. The assessment is small and the return will be enormous. The money will be locally controlled by residents of our community. The higher education and vocational training will not only be available to young high school graduates but also to the adults of our community. We look forward to attending interesting classes at this proposed facility as well as going to lectures and other events at the planned conference center and outdoor amphitheater. Ed and Laura HeneveldOlympic Valley

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