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Readers Write

Regarding the “Ridership on buses, shuttles” article, Jan. 18, 2007; I would like to add that the Truckee/Sugar Bowl shuttle serving Truckee, Donner Lake, Soda Springs and Norden has also seen large ridership numbers. Since Dec. 14, 2006 and through Jan. 19, 2007 the shuttle has transported more than 6,500 passengers.

These numbers include local riders who use this free shuttle as well as neighboring ski resorts and skiers. This free shuttle service is coordinated with the TART schedule at the Truckee Train Depot. This service is provided by Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, the Town of Truckee and The North Lake Tahoe Resort Association.

The Truckee/Sugar Bowl schedule can be found at as well as Additional information can be obtained at 426-9000, ext. 7355.

I think the intelligence of the people in the service industry here in Truckee is being challenged when the Town of Truckee believes that someone, a non-professional if you will, one who makes between $8 and $14 per hour without insurance, or $20,000 per year, and there are many, can afford to buy one of the duplexes at Spring Creek.

What is the definition of affordable housing? I too have done my homework and my math. According to a reliable source it is just a matter of time until the duplexes are put on the market for anyone to buy? Since .hose who are in need of housing can not afford to pay these prices, it is back to square one. If you are a single woman with no kids, forget it. As John Stasel of 20/20 would say: “Give me a break.”

Truckee businesses need to hire people to serve the very people who bring the prices of property up, but at the same time brings revenue to the Town of Truckee and are the ones, in essence, creating jobs for all of us and for businesses to stay in business.

So, the Town of Truckee needs to take care of the people who take care of Truckee and to help them get a decent living and a decent place to live. Keep the service industry strong, by keeping them here in Truckee and not in Reno … It is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Don’t do what they are doing in Vail or Aspen.

This is an open letter sent to Gov. Schwarzenegger:

I know that you are a very busy man and have a lot more things on your mind other than my Town of Truckee. We have a public safety issue in Truckee. Someone in charge needs to hear what is going on. Caltrans is dragging their feet on replacing the Union Pacific railroad bridge over High Way 89 in Truckee. This bridge is 78 years old (built 1929). The road was not paved then.

Caltrans knows that this bridge should have been replaced in 1960 when I-80 was under construction. Caltrans knows that there is a public safety issue concerning this bridge. Caltrans is now saying that this bridge will not be built until after 2012 when the Proposition B1 funds will be gone.

I invite you to come to Truckee and walk through that bridge so that you may understand how dangerous this bridge has become. Please do it on a Sunday afternoon.

Then I want to see if you would allow your children to walk through that tunnel. Please bring the Director of Caltrans with you when you do that.

I will be in the front row at the Town of Truckee Council meeting February 15th when The Mousehole will be an agenda item. Please come. I will save you a seat. Bring the Director of Caltrans also.

I’m sure the people of this community and region would like to tell you what we think about this issue. If I had my way I would recommend that this bridge be condemned immediately. I wonder how quick this bridge would be replaced if that were to happen.

Does a pedestrian or a bicyclist have to be killed before this bridge is replaced? Does a train have to fall off that bridge before this bridge is replaced?

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you concerning this issue.

It’s great to see Julia Mancuso’s winning streak, but if you want to see it on TV you won’t have much luck. Dish Network seems to have nothing much more than high-stakes poker, bull riding and almost every basketball game played in the country.

Cable is probably not any better.

Fortunately, it’s all available on the Internet. You’ll need a DSL connection. Google search WCSN (World Champion Sports Network) and then subscribe. It cost about $5 a month. The coverage is excellent. They show every run of every event, there are no ads or silly puff pieces. They also do a great job of covering other Olympic sports like gymnastics usually neglected by our corporate media. Good luck, Julia, and happy viewing.

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